Blair and Paxman!


Just watched Blairwitch bluff his way round that Geordie audience.

Paxman tied him in knots, but still didnt ask- Why does it take numerous Parliament votes to ban fox hunting, but he can send British Servicemen and women to war off his own back?

Any thoughts?.....


It made good T.V.  - Reinforces the p.ov's of all the anti's
- changes what? - Nowt. GW2 is coming to a theatre near to you soon.


Did the programme serve any useful purpose?

Did it help change/inform you in anyway?

Personally, as much as I admire Paxman, I don't think he got in any 'killer' questions. The PM didn't squirm enough for me, just succeeded in looking 'sleekit'.


Have to agree on that one, I'm afraid.
Saw the edited highlights on the news last night and if that's the best Paxo could get out of Tones..... :-/
He does look pretty damn smug tho.
Really wanted someone in the audience to jump up and punch him.
Unconstructive I know, but at least it would make good telly!
lol@ "The honourable member for Texas North"

Yer man shouldn't have hesitated after that line, he should have got stuck in...

Yes he did look smarmy, and this morning the sh1t's hitting the fan re. Plagarisation of Post-doctorate student notes.
The case for war is still not being made.
Meanwhile North Korea is saying "Did you spill my fooking pint" and America is trying hard to ignore it.

Latest from the Glorious leader (May he shine the light of his countenance upon us for 10,000 years etc etc) is

"Pre-emptive strikes are not the sole discretion of the United States" or words to that effect.

Bluppet, you seiously need to take stock right now, because Bush 43 is not playing with a full deck.


War Hero
I like Paxman, as like a handful of journalists, he doesn't let them off once he has them on the ropes.  I don't know what happened last night though, must have had a bad pint at lunch...


I had hoped the Geordie audience may have taxed Blair a bit more, instead of just clapping Paxman everytime he got Blair to staighten his tie!


I agree Qman, strange choice for a venue?  What value did the native salt of the earths make/ fcuk all if you ask me.

Shoould have held it in the Finsbury Mosque with "hookie" and his nutters in the audience.


I think the Geordie audience were very carefully picked, especially after the incident last month were the anti-war student jumped up and started heckling El Presidente until lept on by Special Branch.

I agree, Paxman was punching below his weight, maybe John Humphries should have been brought on as a substitute.

My opinion is that our Tone wanted to be portrayed as being in touch with 'ordinary working people' he even referred to his own constituency which is something he doesn't do that often (as if he's slightly embarressed that he's not MP for somewhere New Labour located in London). For Alastair Campbell and his spin team Geordies appeared to represent this strata of society.  

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