Blair and Hain face backlsh over 150 IRA terrorists


"During the debate Mr Hain acknowledged that the agreement to provide an effective amnesty for "on-the-run" terrorists was necessary to ensure that the IRA gave up violence, even though Sinn Fein had given a commitment to exclusively democratic and peaceful means when it signed the Good Friday Agreement in 1998."

I feel sick, When will the Brit gov realized Paddy will say anything he thinks Blur wants ta hear.


Hain came out with a slip of the tongue yesterday when he described the murdering scum as "Political Prisoners" Now we know the true opinions of Neue Arbeit. The man really is odious.
Why does the disgusting Peter Hain keep saying that this legislation will help the victims by bringing 'closure'? Firstly, he cannot possibly know how anyone else feels, so it's just another Neue Arbeit platitude, and secondly closure is a specific term used in counselling. I wonder which professional bodies were consulted whose opinions were that allowing killers to return without punishment would help victims?

Is there any evidence to suggest that the victims of the convicted terrorists who were released from prison have felt better as a result? Has it brought 'closure' to them? I suspect that the majority feel deeply let down by this shameful government's actions.
Spend thirty years killing and crippling soldiers, policemen and civilians, get most of what you want and get 'let off' by the law. That's quicker than a political process. Time that w**ner BLiar decided where exactly he stands on the 'war on terror'. 'Cos at the moment it looks as if he's giving terrorists everywhere the big 'green light' and telling everyone else that if you get killed or maimed by terrorisum ir's just 'tough sh1t'!

Why not just go that single step further and hand over the whole of the country to SF and allow them to take the army/police to court for obstructing their freedom for the past 30 years?
And don't forget about prosecuting all those Soldiers involved in contacts over the last 30 years ...!!!!
AF1771 said:
And don't forget about prosecuting all those Soldiers involved in contacts over the last 30 years ...!!!!
Don't worry - Hain was on tv here (NI) telling us that soldiers will be treated in the same way as terrorists i.e. they'll get a criminal record but won't have to do time. This was apparently intended to be reassuring, but oddly no-one seems to see it that way, not least the vast majority of the people of NI. We must remember that all Bliar's appeasement is geared at keeping a very small minority happy.


Of course the IRA have given up violence-that tw*t B'Liar and his cronies have surrendered to them. What is the point of fighting when the enemy have given you everything you want? Paddy must be wetting his pants with glee.
The most sickening thing is the "republican" press here in NI is having a field day. The headline of the Daily ireland (The biggest f****ng IRA newspaper about) is calling for troops to be prosecuted. They say that the murder of 10 protestants in Bessbrook in 1976 is nothing to a few terrrorists being killed. Assholes
much as the idea of letting the OTR's 'off' isn't appealling, they will be on licence and they will have a criminal record.

have some of you lost the plot? the IRA/SF haven't won, they have got absolutely FA out of the 'war'. can you point on the map to a single Irish socialist republic? can you read the page in the GFA where it says that the people of Ireland will as one political entity decide the future of Ireland? can you find the paragraph in part 1 orders that states that orders the removal of British Military Forces?

we won, they lost. we have made some fairly cosmetic concessions, they have dropped 85 years of political ideology and the Irish State has guarrenteed the union while the majority want it, exactly the same position as us.

some of you wouldn't know victory if it noshed you off.


It's alll a moot point anyway, we are all subject to undemocratic laws imposed by that lumbering and corrupt beast the European Soviet Union. The Provos will be shouting Brits back in by the time Europe finishes with them.
There is currently a trial in progress about an IRA Bomber that is costing millions, if when convicted and sentenced he then gets released. This seems like a massive waste of money to me but know doubt the lawyers would disagree


Just had another thought, all these amnestys from a government that wont pardon those "Shot at dawn" I can hardly wait till the day the English Socialist Revolution comes, when I am El presidente I will take a personal interest in former Neue Arbeit prisoners.

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