Blair And Brown – What future do we want for the UK?


Blair has indicated that he is belatedly prepared to make resources and funding available to the Armed Forces and has warned his successor that Britain faces the necessity of future and further military intervention to ensure the pacification of troubled regions and the emergence of moderate regimes.

Brown has said that global crisis cannot be resolved by military means alone and went on to say that the threat to the UK cannot alone be redressed by military and security interventions alone and infers engaging with and addressing issues that divide.

The first (Blair) seems to be signalling that he perceives further military intervention is going to be necessary and in his view essential whilst making (idol?) promises that the Armed Forces will receive the necessary means to deliver.

Surely the issue of the Armed Forces being ‘fit for purpose’ goes deeper than promising to reverse Government policy on equipment and resources?

The politicisation of the Chief’s of Staff and the Command structure will take much more than a policy change of heart by Blair to resolve; and with moral so low as is evident and the ability to recruit sufficient numbers of suitable young men and women into the forces will take at least a decade to reverse.

Is Blair promising an immediate and accelerated program to restore dilapidated accommodation for personnel and their families?

Is he promising an immediate reversal of policy over Armed Forces general clinical and specialist medical facilities?

Brown on the other hand seems to be inferring that he will deploying other forms of intervention abroad (increased taxation and less public money for essential services no doubt) with enhanced and increased spending on aid for influence and forging accommodations and tolerance with the intolerable.

At home, Brown speaks volumes about further plans to accommodate and tolerate the intolerable. Brown however, appears to be ignorant of reality, how does he propose to create a society that Muslims will be willing to sign up to and assimilate with?

Positive discriminating for the Muslim community will not promote assimilation and promote a peaceful coexisting fair and equal society.

Islam rejects much of our culture and our way of life as positively evil, our modes of dress, our love of dancing, music, television and entertainment, our use of alcohol and tobacco.

Islam does not promote assimilation, peaceful coexistence and tolerance, it rejects our values our culture and our society and in addition rejects that we are a parliamentary democracy where our laws and statutes are debated and enacted by an elected parliamentary body.

Islam demands that Sharia Law be recognised and practiced in the UK alongside parliamentary legislation, furthermore it demands that we adjust our values, our culture and our society to accommodate theirs.

So, what does the future hold for the UK?

Given that one cannot foresee the great majority of the population of the UK agreeing to moderate their values, culture and society to accommodate Muslim values, culture and society and giving up their way of life for one that is alien to the majority.

Given that Islam progressively seeks to refute assimilation and integration and more vocally call for the recognition and the application of Sharia Law, one can foresee the ‘Balkanisation’ of the UK unless politicians are persuaded to face reality and take actions and implement policies that confront the problems rather than burying their heads in the sand.

Internationally speaking Blair is correct unfortunately. The UK will undoubtedly be forced to intervene militarily in the future, the reality is that 7/11 signalled the renewal of an Islamic quest for its dreamed of world Caliphate and the emergence of it’s hidden Imam who, according to Islam will rule the world following global Jihad to subjugate the nations.

Those who spout about moderate Islam are only deluding themselves and anyone naive enough to believe that accommodation and coexistence is possible with Islam ought to take some time out to read what ‘their book’ actually states.

It looks progressively likely that Western coalition forces are going to be kept quite busy for at least the next decade or more, in addition, the West needs to realise that Israel is an ally and stands at the crossroads and on the frontline of this menacing threat and support her.

This surely is a conflict where the fires of hell will not only burn brightly ‘over there’ but also in our own towns and cities because the Jihadists are here amongst us and they cannot be persuaded to reform!

Is this assessment to raw a reality for some to accept especially our politicians?

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