Blair Air Scare

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Tony Blair told yesterday of a dramatic moment his plane aborted take off in South Africa because of an engine problem.

    What a shame he did not get airborne!!!!!!
  2. Then John Prescot would be running the country, either way its bad.
  3. Don't even joke. :cry:
  4. Maybe two Jags was on the Aircraft. He's weight caused the number 3 engine to fail!
  5. What type of plane does TB fly in?

    If Prescott was on the plane it would need to be a fcuking Globemaster to get that fat northern pie eating bloater into the air 8O
  6. I thought Prescott could only be ferried by sea?

    He'd only run the country until a leadership election could be held - unless Labour were daft enough to elect him (assuming he was vain enough to run), he'd merely be a caretaker until the next leader took over. It would be little more than preventing the cabinet from self-destructing in an orgy of electioneering and briefing against the candidates (assuming there'd be more than one) and reprising his role as PM's stunt double while the Celestial Navigator is on holiday at someone else's expense.

    In theory, on the demise of her first minister, HMQ could simply invite Gordon round to the palace and invite him to form the next government, without having to wait for the formality of an election - however, that's regarded as bad form (after all, the Labour Party membership may wish to choose someone other than Gordon), so it wouldn't be done.

    The type of aircraft involved isn't absolutely clear, but some bods on Pprune seem to think that it was a Falcon 900 business jet - No 10 appears to have confirmed that it was an aircraft 'with three engines' (before one of them broke).
  7. In this case a DC8 - an oldish cargo carrying 4 engined thing....but still younger than a VC10 and with forward facing seats!
  8. Prescott could be filled with extra gas and have Goodyear or Zeppelin stenciled down his side!
  9. IIRC did some mods on a BA 777 when he went to visit China.
  10. He would deputise for the outgoing PM until HM asked A.N.Other if they would/could form her next government. The likelihood of her asking any but the leader of the majority party is extremely remote, but one can always hope !.

    Eedited because of thick fnigers
  11. IIRC that was the lie detector equipment being disabled to avoid overload and resulting failure of electrical circuits.
  12. Whats all the bad vibes for John Prescot? At least hes a man who can stand up for himself, not like all the other wet lettuce ******rs in parliment.

    Take the time he banged that egg thrower with a dig on the chin. The time he gave the bird to reporters behind his back. He will get my vote anyday.
  13. Sorry Whliffler, i can neither confirm or deny, but close though.