Blair Administration To Scrap Magna Charta

The Blair administration is seeking legislation that would:

1. Eliminate any need for the police to show evidence before making an arrest for a serious crime.

2. Eliminate juries in cases of alleged terrorism.

3. Establish a new police agency, fashioned after the American FBI, to be known as the Serious Organized Crime Agency.

"'Arrest Without Evidence' Planned By Government"
"Serious Organized Crime Agency. "

there's a silly name /\

The magna carta is the basis of free society and has been used as a model around the world.

Would they mainly go after football hooligans?
#6 many terrorist detainees (under Blunkett's new laws) have been charged and how many have been released? You can count the former on one hand and would need many sets of hands to count the latter!
"Have we forgotten Magna Carta??? Did she die in vain.........."

(someone had to say it :D )
Tony Hancock (for those who are too young to remember)
Of course they want to bin Magna Carta it gets in the way of Europeanising our legal system.

British law is based on the premis that if it is not specificly banned then it is allowed, where as the Napoleonic system used in europe is the exact oposite.

The former put power in teh hands of the people the latter in the hands of the polititions. Now where do you think our Glorious leader want the power to be?

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