Blair about to kark it? Let's hope.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Koschei, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. Koschei you swine, I nearly cracked open the bubbly.
  2. It's never too early to start training for such an event. I expect that he will have money to pay for a hoard of professional mourners.
  3. Has he visited Russia recently?
  4. If only. If only!
  5. Does it say how. Must get down the Bookies....
  6. Wouldn't it be nice if Saint Margaret and Phil the Greek outlived him just so they could deliver glowing tributes while obviously struggling not to laugh
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  7. IIRC It was about £10million to produce the Polonium that slotted the pale faced blokey - I think we could get that in a whip round in a week, maybe two as it's the holidays :)
  8. Someone's Christmas wish will come true then.
  9. Let's hope that someone passes on the sentiments of ARRSE to him.
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  10. Can't be easy running a country, the majority of you bed wetting ***** would struggle to run a bath, I'm ambivalent towards 'bliar, broon, et'al' (or any other cringe inducing arrsers perversion of a politicos name), I find it strange that supposedly intelligent members of the site cannot fathom that in government it's a collective of decision makers that ultimately determine outcomes or decisions, to continually vilify the figurehead is a bit old fashioned if you ask me.
  11. Always a joy to hear any political party comment about 'taste', but the 'People's princess' party have more front than Brighton.

    If they both cash in their chips at the same time, it will be fun to listen to Mr Antony Blair, and Mr George Michael both trying the same line at the pearly gates to a sceptical Catholic St Peter;
    'I'm a pretty straight sort of guy, let me in, please.'
  12. So we should kill the whole of parliment then?
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  13. It's simply because, in my view, he's a ****! :) I think he's a two-faced shite that would sell his soul for a pat on the back from the press. (plus I hate his wife even more!)

    As for the collective decisions politicians/governments have to make - it's not their fault; it is simply the fault of those who voted them in or worse still; the ******* that sat on their arses and put more effort into their moaning than getting up to vote.
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  14. A lot of hatred for the most succesfull Labour Prime minister ever, and respected worldwide. Strange!