Blair A Hate-Criminal?

It's not just those accused of homophobia that are feeling the cold. In an episode that strains credibility, the former Downing Street spinner Lance Price was questioned for two hours after an early draft of his memoirs revealed that Tony Blair had once cursed the "f______ Welsh". Officers from North Wales police journeyed to London to investigate whether Price had been a witness to a hate crime committed by the prime minister, specifically incitement under the Public Order Act.

"How police gay rights zealotry is threatening our freedom of speech" by Jonathan Freedland. 18 January 2006,9321,1688939,00.html
One has really got to question the judgement of both the senior officers that ordered this enquiry, and the system that put them into the jobs they now have. The Chief Constable of North Wales Constabulary and the Home Secretary should both be hauled before whatever select committee deals with useless tossers in the police force and given a severe warning that they should visit planet earth to acquaint themselves with reality.
Was there a complaint, though? IIRC, the police thought investigating Anne Robinson was pointless, but because some sad nationalist or two made a formal complaint, they were obliged to pursue the matter to see whether or not her remarks were actionable.

If a complaint from the public was the source of this, then the police ought to be able to investigate whether or not the claim was in fact vexatious and a waste of their time.

This doesn't, of course, mitigate the inappropriate use of the law to shut a gobby Oxford student up. I'd have thought a more apposite section of the law could have been found, but other posters are better qualified to comment on that one.
I am only surprised that North Wales Police are clearly so much on top of proper crime and their admin that they have time to become involved in nonsense like this.
Another explanation is that a long-suffering copper, fed up with this sort of nonsense, saw a chance to stick it to the man responsible.
Oh Dear Leader joined the club and hates the Welsh, now't ta comment on, he serpently hates the English and has placed most of his governemnt in the hands of the Jock Enameled Barstewards so we can all hate them. Maybe he just Luvs Paddy, well Paddy Sarf of the Border.


Manchester Rougue wrote:

Yet "f****** French!" gives you a cheer and a pint in your hand?

I'll drink to that! Huzzah!!

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