Blaine in a Box



Found this comment posted on the web :lol:

In the early hours today (10.09.03) Blaine was treated to the sight of 10 British squaddies who were clearly inebriated after leaving a nearby pub. The men launched into a series of raucous songs.

Despite having had his sleep disturbed, Blaine seemed pleased by the display and smiled and waved at the men. The squaddies then turned round and promptly bared their bottoms in traditional English style.
Over the weekend someone sparked up a barbie and started cooking burgers, chicken etc and ensured that the cooking smells were wafting towards Blaine!!

The man must be having a mare!!
...i heard from a friend that scientists predich his savinty will begin to wane on day 12 and deteriorate rapidly after that.

Should make good television in a few days then!
How tough is that glass box.
Because I was thinking of throwing a brick at it and causing the great David Blaine to fall to his death.
Now that would be a f**king good trick.
...comical but i think they'll have anticipated that...

...what with the terrorist worries the damn thing is probably bullet-proof too.


I heard he was going to jack it in.

He found out that the current record for hanging around in a box doing f**kall far exceeded 44 days. It's actually 4 years and is held a Mr Emile Heskey of Liverpool.
babiesarm said:
A man was arrested this morning attempting to cut the water supply pipe to Blaines box.
Ach well seeing as there are two threads running as near duplicates I'll just post again!

Some 40yr old bandit tried to cut the beggar down this morning, thing is he got caught and the Peelers have got him banged up in some London clink now for Criminal Damage.... he should've used an angle-grinder... a lot quicker and more effective as a RaBID (Rapid Blaine Injuring Device) :twisted:

The full story can be viewed at....

Been in Iraq since Jul 16 not done anything in a box either!! Does this count?

Menarche une does not count as a portoloo is more rectangular shape :D


Knew I'd heard it somewhere!!!! Sorry.

Perhaps I can atone with this one.

This student gets a job at a mortuary in his gap year. He's taking over from another student. During the handover, the bloke who's been doing the job warns the new guy.
"Watch your fcuking back, they're all wind up merchants round here."
He takes the advice on board, and on his first night is ready to have the piss taken. At about half ten at night, one of the older guys comes in, and starts leering at him. He says
"Hey, have you seen that 22 year old lady they've just brought in?"
"She's got a prawn stuck in her vagina"
"Fcuk off, your winding me up."
"Come and have a look if you don't believe me."
He sighs and puts his paper down.
"Alright then, i'll come and have a look, but I know your having me on."
"Whatever, whatever" says the old guy and shoots off into the next room.
The student follows him in, and the old guy pulls back the sheet to reveal, a recently deceased, but voluptuous young woman. He points down to her box and says.
"Look, it's a fcuking prawn"
The student crouches down to have a blimp, before standing up with a self-satisfied grin. He explains to the confused looking old guy.
"That's not a prawn, it's her clitoris."
The old guy scratches his head and says
"Well it fcuking tasted like a prawn"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think the most imaginative Blaine wind-up has got to be the buzzing of his box (oo er missus) by a remote-controlled helicopter with an underslung cheeseburger. :D

I'm in heaven a site full of people like LNV, time to trash the Blane site :D :D

ILAF O Group @ 21:00 in the Naafi bar :D
No he seems to be a trouble maker although he talks sense :D


I think David Blaine's a wuss. If he was so good at magic, he would make women and food appear in his box whenever he wanted. He's a wuss.
Hes just an idiot living in a box....ohhh exciting.......My favourite blaine wind up has to be when this man launched ballons full of paint at blaines box.
Is it just me or does anyone else find David Blaine soooo borin?! The idea of spendin days on end in a box is pathetic....he wants to do summat interestin, like dyin!!!

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