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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. while we're at it, can i get some software that blocks dozybint from sending me sexually explicit PMs? :)
  2. Check your PMs, twaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!
  3. see? she won't stop. it's bordering on sexual harassment.
  4. Ok so what makes someone a troll and someone else not a troll... some people might think someone is a troll and someone else might think that person is not a troll ... I can be a pain in the butt similar to a troll but I don't look like a troll so I like to think I am not a troll... if I was a troll then I wouldn't be trolling on this website I would be somewhere else like a troll fetish website... trolls are trolls a bit like marmite you either love them or hate them..

    Blondbint (please leave it as it originally was) sounds like more than a troll so perhaps the psychotic maniacs should be targeted in a different way to trolls... trolls are not exactly life threatening are they??
  5. You are a troll. And a cnut. And fat. And a cnut.
  6. bettymoo, you're not a troll. you're a pension-stealing lying witch. so you're worse, as you harm people in real life, rather than just irritate them on a website.

    go sit on a spike or something.
  7. Moody troll off to Cheeks ... class you are not and actually funny you should show up on this thread... slightly fearful you might end up in the troll bracket hey.
  8. Ever heard of humour? No? Neither has CR, but I digress... :roll:
  9. Dunno, why not start a poll you deluded cnut.
  10. Umm.. slightly off thread here ... this is about how to get rid of trolls... CR I never stole anyone's pension infact it wasn't worth stealing now frig the fook off and get back on subject... as for Moody umm did you serve in the Armed Forces umm no do you look like a troll yes... don't need a poll ...

  11. Like I said, start a poll and we will see who people on this site thinks is a troll - what's up? worried you may feature high on the list?

    I'm not. Crack on chubby minge.
  12. how do we block you again?

  13. Don't really care where I appear in fact hardly think it would make a good poll unless of course you think you are something special.. you look like one of those smokey old pikey's from Ash so I am sure you could russle up some support in any event...

    Now back on thread..
  14. it is automatically back on thread every time you post.