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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Hector_Chavez_V, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. I wonder how many of the wibbling male vaginas on here were scrabbling round the site looking for the hallowed 'Longdon Bar' !! It's a treasure trove of slander and tasty titbits about site members :)
  2. Yup, it's like a who's who of creepy fuckers. A certain alcoholic with a penchance for flash motors is currently topping the bill.
  3. FA doesn't, but Google has indexed it all - all your secrets are fucked now.
  4. Don't forget the rogue gallery of members facial shots found by cross referencing users registered emails with Facebook.
    Some of you creepy fuckers have no shame....
  5. Cool, how do I find it?
  6. I cherish the one of the 2 well known site harpies sucking ferociously on a Longdon members surprisingly impressive tool :)
  7. I actually didn't realise just how many filthy worshippers of the cock there are on this site and I don't just mean the grubby homos either. The worst offenders appear to be the 'charridy' bints especially that cornish bird who enjoys a morning bout of fellatio on the same slime-encrusted colon pounder that was inside her hours earlier.
  8. You know I can't decide whether or not you need a good shoeing or a good Fucking? But as I'm really not interested either way, I'll go back to teddy fiddling

  9. Stop stealing my lines, they're copyrighted. After spying your flying fox-like bingo wings I think I'll just stick with the between bouts of vomiting.
  10. Ooooh lover boy

  11. Just nail her will you, anything to shut her up. I bet she's rubbing her box all over those poor bears completely wet with anticipation. You big tease.
  12. No I'm rubbing my box over thoughts of you.

  13. That's you lot told off!
  14. its the internet who cares, never post anything you wouldn't like brought up at your next job interview/court case/ sunday lunch with mum not hard to understand is it
  15. Fuck me :) you know you've hit the mark when Bad Co bins a thread you never started to the arse hole :)

    Would it help if I said '!' again ? :)