Blagging!! Love it!

I was thinking to myself just the other day.. " The boys aint what they used to be" However imagine my pleasure when just the next day I heard 2 of the worst Blags attempted on my good nature .. they go a bit like this...

Me.. Pte D why wasnt you on PT.
Pte D.. I have Severed my Achillies Tendon Sgt.
Me.. You have severed it .. wow that must be painful Im surprised your standing!
Pte D... Well I actually reckon Ive torn it not quite severed it!
Me.. Oh right.. so who told you it was severed?
Pte D.. Errrmm The med Centre Sgt...
Me.. The Med Centre told you that? Who at the Med Centre told you that?
Pte D... The doctor.
Me.. the doctor what were his exact words?
Pte D.. He told me I had strained my Achillies.
Me.. Oh and he gave you you a sick chit yer?
Pte D.. Ermm No..
Me...So why were you not on PT?
Pte D... I forgot..
I just had to smile at the pathetic attempt!

and another...

Me... Hey LCpl X what time did you get on your BPFA?
LCpl X .... 11 mins 30 Sgt.
Me... 11 Mins 30!! what you do stop for a Bacon and Egg sandwich on the way round?
LCpl X.. No Im trying to sort my fitness out, I run every week night!
Me.... So you run 5 x a week?
LCpl X... Well No I actually go 3 times a week and do gym work the other 2 nights.
Me.... Oh so you run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays then?
LCPL x ... No I run every other night.
Me... Well if you only run week nights and you run 3 X a week you must surely run on those days.
LCPL X ... Yer but I only actually run twice a week..
Me.. Oh I see.. you do gym work on those days and run on Tuesdays and Thursdays then?
LCpl X .... EErrrmm I aint actually started my training yet But thats what I intend to do!.

Need I say More?!!

Good effort on both behalves.. Keep it up thats what I say, Brightens up my day!
Must add both were dealt with in the appropriate manner.
What was the appropriate manner Marky??? Sports afternoon and a day off for councelling??? I GOTCHA!!!! :roll:


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Just to protect the guilty we shall call the subject of the anecdote LCpl Figs.

Came up with excuse on missing battle PT of ‘I was down to my last clean pair of light weights’

Another lad failed up to turn up on an April Monday morning. A usually reliable lad when we got to his house we found him unshaven and washing the car in cut offs. When he saw us his fag drooped and he said ‘its not bank holiday Monday then’.

Barking dogs seldom bite.

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