Blagging free stuff whilst on tour

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Squiggles, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. During some down time yesterday, after being out in the sun and sand for bit, me and a couple of the guys decided to write to companies/celebraties asking for free stuff and signed piccies "to support the troops".

    As well as the obvious Katherine Jenkins, Chelsea FC, Jeremy Clarkson-types were the more obscure:

    Mr Porky Pork Scratchings,
    Nicole Kidman,
    Baroness Thatcher,
    Jaffa Cakes (why? They'll melt),
    Patrick Stewart and more.

    Which left me wondering who have Arrsers written to asking for stuff? Whats the best, and worst, replies/goodies you've received?

    Edited as I decided "begging" was the wrong word
  2. Suicide girls the alternative soft core porn site come social networking do support the troop type things sending signed pictures, suicide girls postcards and decks of playing cards etc.
  3. And they are fcuking mint.
    Try business men like Branson.
  4. wrote to a Mister G Brown asking if we could have some decent kit and some spares for our aero planes!
  5. What sort of responses did you get? Name & shame those who ignored you! I'm sure Baroness Thatcher unleashed her army of flying monkeys from her castle to hunt the Taliban (fly my pretties!), and Patrick Stewart promised to 'make it so'...
  6. In 1999 in Kosovo I wrote to Harlequins and received two replica rugby shirts and two free tickets to see them at the Stoop, and also wrote to King of Shaves when they first started business and received two full boxes of samples. I also wrote to a dirty scutter form Liverpool, who I ended up shagging for the whole summer after I got back.

    In Iraq in 2003 I received free cd's and games from Richard Branson's PA at Virgin, and loads of free shaving oils from Somersets (they were a godsend). Off the top of my head I can't remember the others (I wrote to anyone with an address) but I've always come back from tour with crates of freebies.

    There are lots of kind hearted people out there who are happy to provide freebies if asked, but also a lot of tight wads.
  7. I wrote to a number of "celebs" asking for stuff to give as a prize in a schools competition: I got signed photos of Boris Johnson, Bruce Forsyth and Nigella Lawson. Still setting in my desk as we never had any entries for the comp. Maybe that was down to the prizes.
  8. We used to look on the credits bit of porn mags and find someone low down on the food chain on the publishing team. Address them personally and they will be suitably chuffed some one thinks they are important and release some grumble
  9. Wrote to Seabrooks crisps telling them of the boxhead shite we got in the NAAFI and they sent us a dozen boxes of assorted flavours, one of their top men is ex-mob, top crisps too. Wrote to Howard Wilkinson then manager of LUFC and got a tight Yorkshire bastid letter back with a copy of their shop catalogue, big nosed cnut!
  10. Been nosing over their site can't seem to find it again though, was a good year ago I read about it, hopefully they have not stopped or fuck joining the army :D
  11. :lol: :lol:

    I take it you didn't order anything.
  12. Only one reply so far, from Chelsea Football Club who I had asked for a signed Community Shield programme...

    "As the fixture is taking place at Wembley, Chelsea Football Club have no control over match day programmes. I suggest you contact either Wembley Stadium or the English FA to facilitate your request"

    ..yeah right, I'm sure they don't have any programmes and they wont be on sale in the Megastore any time soon :roll:
  13. Op telic one, A stripey wrote to Crewe Alexandra and Arsenal, He got a box load of kit from Crewe and never heard from Arsenal (the French never did support the war)
  14. Alternative Beauty type link