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Viro was at Sellyoak yesterday and will now be aware of whats needed there, be it laptops, PSPs, Nintendo's etc or something totally different.

Am off up to Carlisle for the latest one, I've got a few contacts up there so should be able to get him some work, pretty sharpish.

I'm on 07780 777880 if there any developments on the thread regarding work for him.

Can someone speak to Toys R us to see if we can get Discount on a grands worth of vouchers?
Been on Toys -R - Us head office, we would have to buy the vouchers in store from one outlet - I've been in touch with the Solihull branch - and if we spend a grand they will chuck in £40.00 on top.

I tried to blag him but 4% is apparently more than they would normally allow as a discount.

Solihull details:

Manager: Cal Uppal

Main contact number: 0121 733 8220 - ask for Cal.

Further to that I have tried but management will not allow participation in charity at all.

Working on Hamleys now....and a no from them.
Been manic at work this morning so just seen the latest in here - well done on the Toys 'R' Us discount - it's better than a kick in the teeth. Ref the latest case, I've just been Googling for jobs in Carlisle, in case Chris isn't successful with his contacts:
Got him a job as run around at a local solicitors....

Only temporary but its pennies before Chrimbo, will post more later.

What a mess though!!!
minister_doh_nut said:
Got him a job as run around at a local solicitors....

Only temporary but its pennies before Chrimbo, will post more later.

What a mess though!!!
You star! I'm happy to help by drawing up his CV to send out for permanent roles - let me know if you want me to do that.
Sitrep on Carlisle Ex kings div chap.

given him a prepay phone £22 + £10 aitrime on it.

Went to next and got him a suit, change of clothes, shoes 2 X shirt and a tie £196..... Then socks, grots, dhoby kit etc about £25

Put him in a B & B paid direct for four nights £110

Also writing to a local landlord who has a houseshare available, probably be able to pay a month up front for him, just trying to negotiating his bond.

Got a pawn ticket (pretty much all he lad left) for his NI, Bos and UN medal... that got to me.... £80 I will pick them up tomorrow and am going to get them mounted for him.... touched a nerve and made the old lip wobble.

Girlfriend refused to speak to me, but am sure she will come around. Left her a voicemail message with the of offer of a bucket full of bambino gear
Sent £860 to flowers

7 X £100 worth of Toys r us voucher
1 x £100 Tesco vouchers
1 x £50 Boots voucher

£10 to cover paypal pikeys and postage.

That sorts the Chrstmas boxes out and Chrimbo dinner for the two families in the South East..... Flowers will ensure they all get to SSAFA in good time that they get you make use of them
I've an auction item in the pipeline that could well make a good sum - will update as soon as I have confirmation.

As soon as I'm on personal email tonight I'll be in contact with various book publishers, toy / game manufacturers and electrical goods manufacturers seeing what I can blag from them either for distribution or eBaying for funds.

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