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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by convoy_cock, May 25, 2006.

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  1. Got a blokes CV in today, and we're thinking of having him in for an interview.

    He's a tech who's claiming that he came top of his detties in 1994, but appears to have been promoted to Sgt the year before. I'm beginning to smell bullsh-it, but would like to be well armed before he sits his (probably) fat arrse down for the interview.

    Can anyone in this forum help out, if i'm able to supply a name and approximated date of course?


  2. Fuff coming to you lot for an interview...... I can imagine the 'interview' room......


    Beebs 8O
  3. you wish

  4. Shhhhhh......

    Just answer the mans question before he gets the thumb screws out......

    Beebs x
  5. Anyone contemplating leaving the Army and entering Civvy Street will have to come to terms with the fact that they're likely to be vetted by a panel of ARRSErs... 8O
  6. Det comds course was lcpl to cpl trade and regtl course............. and promoted to sgt the year BEFORE....... sounds odd but could have held acting cpl and given local sgt?!
  7. If I recall, Techs had to do their detty's as full-screws to qualify them for the next cornflake packet to Sgt, I did! That said they could be selected for promotion to Sgt on the proviso they complete and pass a Det Cmdrs course within the year.

    Doesn't help that much I'm afraid. Maybe he got his promotion date wrong? Does the rest of his dates read pukka?
  8. I have it on decent authority that the bloke is a bit of a co-ck. I'm not too bothered about the promotion thing, but would love to be able to conduct the following conversation.

    "Mr *****, it says here that you came top of your Detachment Commanders course?"


    "Can you explain it a little to me."

    Once he's explained it all and bigged himself up enough, I can simply say.

    "But according to our records, you came ??. Can you explain that contradiction?"

    I'd appreciate a PM from anyone who can look him up for me. Failing that, i'll just assume that he's a liar and try and make him confess.
  9. How? Shine a light in his eyes, slap him about a bit? Remember if he asks for your badge number, slam it on the table and give him a sock in the gut.
  10. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    We had a couple of techs on our course who were promoted to Sgt on the last day as they had to pass to finish their class 1 but apart from that not heard of this. That was about 96. Doesn't mean it cant have happend though.
  11. Too right Bint! Need to know if the guy was good at making the brews.
  12. [​IMG]

    Convoy interviewing today.