Blady muggers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by futurebootie, May 21, 2010.

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  1. 2nd topic in a day but fuck it, probably destined for the hole but wtf.

    Is there anything shameful about getting away from a bad situation before it gets even worse? I was walking near town, close to where I live, really dodgy area.. and some waste of skin nigerian decided to try "sell me a ps3 + games" for R1000, about 70 pounds I guess, but I could see him looking for a way to block me, trying to get in close to me and herd me into a corner, I couldn't just walk away coz he was going to follow me, so i walked slowly towards where I was going and away from the alley he tried to get me into, to "show me where he lived"...

    I'm not small and I grew up around here so I know I could have taken him down, if it came to knives Im relativly sure I could have gotten mine out and open 1st..
    But these cunts never work alone and I'm quite sure he had mates in the alley or in the parking lot we were next to..

    I got away from him by buying time and moving close to the store fronts where there were more people, but I got the owner of the store I needed to visit to give me a lift back, Im feeling kinda pised coz I got all geared up to fight, I was shaking like a leaf but I'm not stupid enough to think I could have decked/knifed the guy if he attacked me without getting jumped by someone else, and these guys don't hesitate to use guns either.

    Thing is as much as I've lived here my whole life I generally don't get trouble, I blend in, despite being white, I dress and speak like alot of these guys since I grew up here...

    Not sure why Im posting this, maybe coz I need to get it off my chest before I go looking for shit..

    Also, I was feeling like I wanted to fight, all that held me back was knowing if it hit the fan I would probably get killed, but it scares me that Im hardly worried about that, all I wanted was to get the feeling of control back, and I actually kinda wanted to stick him like a pig.

    And now Im typing this shaking like a 3 legged dog taking a shit waiting for it all to leave my system.

    I'm probably going to get abuse for this but wth I don't care, all my friends are rich so they don't know what its like where I'm from..

    Do your worst, if it makes you feel better
  2. terroratthepicnic

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    So what your saying is, you wanted to fight, but because you are a fanny, you decided it was best to run away and then get a lift home so that the scary men won't pick on you again.
  3. In hind sight the Naafi was a bad place to put this :oops:

    Assuming the position.
  4. Nothing wrong with running away to fight another day, and as its the NAFFI knob off gay boy
  5. I'm going to need a bigger sig block if you keep on like this :D
  6. Sensible head on for a moment, I was always taught that the first rule of self defence was to survive, bravado, ego and all the rest of it is pointless if you're lying on the floor with a hole in you. Can't see anything wrong with what you did, on your own and he probably had backup in a rough area, I certainly wouldn't take those odds.
  7. Right answer.
  8. You kept your cool in a dangerous situation and kept yourself alive. All the time thinking on your feet and keeping a positional awareness. When you were safe you had the normal jelly legs reaction to danger. Hope that every situation is resolved as successfully as today's.
    Sounds like you've the making of a good soldier.

    Now fcuk off and get the brews on slacker.
  9. Thanks guys, really have no idea why I posted this but oh well.
  10. You did the right thing.....for a civvie...... :wink:
  11. I should have thought you'd have got your legally held 9 m/m out & slotted him in the good old yarpie way! Oops sorry its the RAINBOW nation now, couldn't possibly do that, OK if you were a Xhosa and wanted to "liberate" a Boer's farm though! :twisted: :twisted:
    Bodes well for the forthcoming world cup!! :x
  12. FB, nothing wrong with seeing the situation for what is was, or would've become, and getting out of there. It was the cleverest thing you've probably done all month.
    Irrespective of the fact that you've grown up there and blend in, and also could've easily won if you had knifed the guy etc, you know you'll be taken out in a heartbeat by his 20 mates standing around the corner with their AK's, waiting to shoot and then skin you, before necklacing you.
  13. Truth be told I was scared shitless, more so right after it happened, and jelly legs is a really good way of putting it.
  14. Sounds like you did the right thing.

    As this is the NAAFI though, grow a pair Priscilla, Queen of the Veldt.
  15. naffie? check !!

    i got bored after the first few lines! but you fecking homo!! you are only up set that he did not want to do things to your bum arnt you