Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cymru_am_Byth, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. what do people recommend for knives? (lock knives or multitools????)

    and what do you recommend for sharpening them when they go blunt?
  2. Bic are great, use them once and then throw them away. :D
  3. Not my subject really. I thought i was just goona get to rip into to some geeky crow who has more knives than a homocidal Ninja. Oh well next time aye!

    Go for the mixture of the two. Gerber and leatherman are the shit n u cant go wrong. & i have a sharpner on a key ring. No art to it its in a V shape and u just run the blade over it 10 times or so. I'll check my kit at some point n let u know!
  4. is it me or is this a recurring topic?

    I have a leatherman wave:


    and a CRKT M16: ( I have the one at the top)


  5. Oh dear we have a Jonny Rambo type. Break out the plasters coz he's gonna hurt himself with his ninja stars!
  6. and re: sharpening....

    if you are using folders like the one above, a simple "v" knife sharpener like the one mentioned above should do the trick. If you wanted a real professinal job you can use a wetstone of various consitencies and an set angle.


    check out this website:

  7. oh and BTW Crow; no offence intended....but p1ss off.

  8. you can tell midnight fox is OTC rambo wannabe can't you?? WALT!


    only joking vonny!
  9. who the f*ck are you? Delete my name from that f*cking post you prat.
  10. Touch a nerve did he?
  11. Different blades are suited to different jobs, you haven't stated for what purpose you want to use the knife, also bear in mind the implications of carrying a blade over 3.5 cms in a public place (can be classed as an offensive weapon).
  12. Don't tell him your name Pike! :D
  13. Fcuk all to do with me!
  14. Hehe! I caused a whoopsie. Its okay to be a Knife collecting 15 year old mate dont worry about it. Its just a shame your probably a 35 year old singley!!!

    Nah on a serious note what he said was all furry scruff imfo so u cant go wrong. Oh and as for the legal position the 3 and a half centremetre thing is bollocks. it used to be the and a half inches but it is illegal to carry any bladed article which you cant justify having on your person under Section 1 (9) PACE act! 1984