Bic are great, use them once and then throw them away. :D
Not my subject really. I thought i was just goona get to rip into to some geeky crow who has more knives than a homocidal Ninja. Oh well next time aye!

Go for the mixture of the two. Gerber and leatherman are the shit n u cant go wrong. & i have a sharpner on a key ring. No art to it its in a V shape and u just run the blade over it 10 times or so. I'll check my kit at some point n let u know!
and re: sharpening....

if you are using folders like the one above, a simple "v" knife sharpener like the one mentioned above should do the trick. If you wanted a real professinal job you can use a wetstone of various consitencies and an set angle.

check out this website:

Touch a nerve did he?
Different blades are suited to different jobs, you haven't stated for what purpose you want to use the knife, also bear in mind the implications of carrying a blade over 3.5 cms in a public place (can be classed as an offensive weapon).
Hehe! I caused a whoopsie. Its okay to be a Knife collecting 15 year old mate dont worry about it. Its just a shame your probably a 35 year old singley!!!

Nah on a serious note what he said was all furry scruff imfo so u cant go wrong. Oh and as for the legal position the 3 and a half centremetre thing is bollocks. it used to be the and a half inches but it is illegal to carry any bladed article which you cant justify having on your person under Section 1 (9) PACE act! 1984
leatherman and a lock knife deal with most things .Combat knives are mostly used for stabbing hesco bastions when you are bored . Or other acts of vandlism :roll:
Ah Caught you Woody you sod!!!! I'm the bloke who has to go around filling the Hesco up!!!!!
Yeah im guily of that too! Whoopsy. But what can i say. Them hesco's just say "damage me - damage me" I find POL knife and lighter does the trick
The CRKTs (columbia river, knife, tool) are nice, I have one, and with a 3.5" folding blade its hardly ramboesque. Spyderco "clip-its" are also very good.
Basically, a small folder designed for one handed operation should be all you need, and I use a pocket "kitchen devil" sharpener to maintain a keen edge.
Off course, for some people, a pair of round-nosed plastic scissors and adult supervision are more appropriate.
Sometimes whacking it with a baton just wasent enough :lol: . Least i didnt smash it up witha fork lift .
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