Bladeless Multitool

The original leatherman didn't lock. It relied on the way it folded open..

The lock mechanism turned up on the first 'super tool'.

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I stopped lending my supertool out in the end. Cretins couldn't close the blade and once or twice opened all of the blades which was a pain.
That looks difficult to use, uncomfortable to wear and very overpriced. Unusual for Leatherman to produce something that seems so totally impractical.
Very popular with Americans/those who have to pass through TSA hands when traveling apparently

E2A: Also seems to suit the dress style of most US oil field workers (non-executive types)
I have a Spyderco bug on my car keys. Sharp enough and big enough for the time’s I need something sharp and haven’t planned on taking a knife

I have even, accidentally, flown repeatedly with it on my car keys and not yet been stopped for it. Not that I would intentionally fly with it on my hand luggage.

I would argue anyone needing a longer blade on a regular basis has the justification that would see them able to explain away a gerber/leatherman/bigger knife. Carrying one just in cases is, as has been repeatedly stated, not a defence likely to get you off a charge.

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