Perhaps I should put this on the Rum Ration for all the naked roll-mat warriors. However, I like Douglas Reeman books. Cracking WWII naval stories that can be read and re-read, but.....The Blackwood Saga. I've just started reading the fifth in the series (Edge of the Knife) which has brought the story up to date (well, the Falklands era, anyway) and I'm, to say the least, disappointed.

Apart from the paperback front cover (printed the wrong way round and showing a Royal firing an SA80...Falklands?) the story is really not up to his usual standard. Obviously DR hasn't served in NI but he could have at least talked to some people who've served there. Can't remember officers been driven round Derry in staff cars or perhaps I was too busy being bricked, bombed and shot at to notice. Loads of other details that are wrong but I'd sound like a pedantic git if I started listing them.

And the love interest. These Blackwood lads seem to meet gorgeous totty in the most unlikely situations and immediately fall in love with them (in a Mills and Boon sort of way) and not only that, but she seems to fall for him/them in thirty minutes of their meeting ! The one with the German countess in China was... well, I think Mr Reeman might have been taking the urine with that one !

Anyway, nearly finished this one. Got to the nasty Argie scrap dealers landing in South Georgia. Perhaps he'll fall in love with one of them.

Anyone else got views on this "saga" ?
I read the earler ones, and didnt know he had brought it up to date...ish.

I thought the earlier ones were ok, readable but not worth rushing out to buy, like a Gemmel or a Donaldson book.
book was okay but not worth buying like his earlier novels, ie the volunteers
still how many navel novellist are there today ???
Finished it last night. What a let down. Didn't get to the Falklands only South Georgia....sorry, won't give the ending away.

It's not "Edge of the Knife" it's "Knife Edge." I was pobably confusing it with "Edge of the Sword" by Farrar-Hockley.

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