Anyone know what the deal is with Blackwater losing their license to operate in the Sandpit? I'm a bit out of the loop here and heard that all the licenses are being reviewed in light of their "over zealousness" shall we say.

Are all the PSCs under review? Will the MNFI card still be ok or is it DoD only? Who's going to pick up the Blackwater contract?

I'm due back in country on my next contract in Nov and the kids' Christmas might be a quiet one if it all goes t1ts up.

Any info greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Books, but US Oil Giant neo-IT-Nazis won't allow link access!!! D'oh!!

Trying to fire up one of MDN's links acouple of days ago didn't help!

Storm in a teacup or reason for concern (Blackwater piece, not my web access permissions)?
BW activites have been 'suspended' for the time being. Condoleeza is speaking to Malaki and has 'apologised'. True enough the Little Birds haven't been 'up' for 24hrs and movement in the IZ is limited.

Reading between the lines, the US has told the Iraqi government to get back in its box, they can't revoke BW's licence because its too big a deal, has too many other contracts that would need filling and there is still the act that was passed, endorsed by the President of the US, giving all western security teams immunity from prosecution in light of these 'incidents' happening.

That may now be reviewed and the team involved in the 'slightly' OTT response to an IED some 300-500M from their location may find themselves without jobs in the next few days (sacrifical lambs I think they could be known as - just my thought on the whole thing). It's a general view in the sandpit that BW contracts are secure and the company will be back up and running inside the week. There are too many people on the company's board at the highest levels back Stateside for this company to just be hoofed out of Iraq.

Either way I think your work is guarenteed and Christmas will still be a riot! You'll come back in November to your new contract or fill one vacated by those taking early retirement from the PSC that is/was Blackwater.

Believe me every PSC Chairman/Country Manager/Ops Manager and CP/PSD member is watching the outcome of this. It could mean big changes across the board for RoE, weapons licences and Dod/MNFI Cards. Making individuals responsible for their own actions would stop indescriminate fire and ensure 'well aimed shots' on 'single shot' mode would come in to effect.

Watch this space I suppose...
Cheers LW, not particularly concerned about the license status of PSCs I usually work for, like you probably, it tends to be one of 3 or 4 Brit outfits happy to operate in the south with a bit more restraint. But then they do a different job, so...

Be keen to hear what the in-country Ops/Country Managers are being briefed re: ROE and force escalation. Particularly about the commercial rather than HMG/USACE/SD contracts.

I thought things were calming down there and the fun and games moving north? Was General P telling porkies!?

Ho hum, body armour again before Christmas then! Never thought Id say Im going to miss this place, but looks like I will! Sounds like a lot of nause and extra admin incoming.

Tried to get some sense out of the similar thread but it had turned into the usual PMC-bashing session with Woodyb in the corner shouting "COME ON!". Good lad!

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