Blackwater "Proshop"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabtastic, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. 8O

  2. Hot on the heels of Blackwater, Tim Spicer has just announced a new line of children's toys to be released (in African markets initially, with others to follow) in time for Christmas:
  3. Might buy a T shirt with a Black Water motiff for my next tour of Iraq....... or maybe not
  4. Blackwater rifle (heavily fouled) - $500.00
    Blackwater underpants, slightly soiled. - $20.00
    Blackwater humvee (imprint of Iraqi civpop in bumper) - $1200.00
    Getting off scot free for a drunken murder - Priceless.

    For making you feel safe in your own damn country, there's professional soldiers with a chain of accountability.

    For everything else, there's Blackwater.
  5. Until the US government run out of money. Truely the privatisation and profit in war thing has gone way past the acceptable!
  6. Well, I suppose they're branching out to cover thier loss of income when the Iraqi government tell them to sling thier hook.

    Oh, hang on - that won't happen because the Americans don't want them to go.

    Iraqi "sovereignty"? My arrse!
  7. smart as
    that was brilliant
  8. wouldn't mind a couple of the posters (my work thinks its clever to put up motivational posters :roll: so slipping a couple of those in would be fun :twisted: )
    and the mouse mat is uber waltish
  9. 'Truely the privatisation and profit in war thing has gone way past the acceptable!'

    You can't lump all PSC in the same group. Blackwater employ idiots and currently the entire PSC community is paying the price for it.
    PSC do perform a generally mundane function that allows soldiers to spend more time doing more important things than baby sitting engineers, NGOs and media types.

    I do not think that many PSDs delude themselves that they are fighting for freedom etc etc (Blackwater may be the exception).
  10. Fair one, not a particually light hearted reponce. Point taken. I do like the Blackwater hats though, perfect way to say 'I love me'
  11. I wasnt generalising i was most specific as to meaning BW
    ps if your going to quote me please do me the curtesy of putting my name there

    and your so right about the hats, i know (long story short unfortunatly) an ex ranger who works for BW! he has to make sure the 'Tshirt or hat' is in every pic he posts, for some reason he thinks that i admires his 'service' with them? 8O
  12. Apolgies for not putting you name above quote, new to this posting lark.

    Quote halo_jones

    I wasnt generalising i was most specific as to meaning BW

    Quote halo_jones

    Until the US government run out of money

    The US goverment either directly or indirctely pays for the majority of PSCs in Iraq, therefore i did not realise that you were being specifically anti-BW. No offence meant, just disagree with you about privatisation and profit being passed acceptable.

    But I am off topic and not light hearted again.
  13. Well as long as War being privated and profitable! Why not just roll up the whole US ARMY and leave it to blackwater to dictate foriegn policy strategy! whilst this is off thread.

    the mentality of Blackwater proshop does show more about the american mindset and Erick Prince's take on earning a buck?
  14. It seems like it's a case of "Never pass up a marketing opportunity" A bit walty though