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Rocketeer said:
the use of ' private security' in the face of diminished military/police availability seems to be taking over ...

with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina they have come home to roost and are not just for use outside America..


guess they're getting their money's worth...
This bunch have done quite well out of Operation Iraqi Liberation(OIL) too......mostly ex SEALs we are led to believe...

Founded in 1997 by former Navy SEAL Eric Prince, the son of a billionaire and an active contributor to Republican causes, Blackwater won a $21 million contract to protect U.S. Ambassador Paul Bremer, who ran the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq until June 2004. It still guards U.S. State Department personnel in Iraq.

On March 31, 2004, four Blackwater guards were ambushed by Iraqi insurgents while escorting three empty trucks on their way to pick up some kitchen equipment at a base west of Fallujah. The guards were killed; a mob of Iraqis set their cars on fire and hung two of the bodies from a bridge. The families of the guards are suing Blackwater for wrongful death: They claim the company did not meet its contractual obligation to supply two SUVs with three guards per vehicle.

Because of a tangled chain of contracts, it is difficult to determine any final accountability: Blackwater was contracted through a Kuwaiti company, Regency, to a Cypriot company, ESS, who was the food caterer on the base. But ESS has refused to tell FRONTLINE exactly whom they were working for. FRONTLINE asked ESS about a clause in its contract that references KBR, the engineering subsidiary of Halliburton. Without explaining the clause, ESS said it was not working for KBR on March 31. KBR also says it wasn't involved and that under the terms of its contract with the Army, KBR and all its subcontractors must use military security. [Read more of KBR's response to FRONTLINE about this issue.] Blackwater denies responsibility for the contractors' deaths. The families' lawsuit has yet to be scheduled in court.

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