"Blackwater kept a Filipino prostitute and billed the US"

Discussion in 'US' started by fishfingers, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-isenberg/blackwater-uses-the-fraud_b_461639.html

    The Davis's suit (posted by Ms. Sparky here) makes many charges but, predictably, the press thus far has largely focused on the most sensationalistic, namely that Blackwater officials kept a Filipino prostitute on the company payroll for a State Department contract in Afghanistan, and billed the government for her time working for Blackwater male employees in Kabul. The alleged prostitute's salary was categorized as part of the company's "Morale Welfare Recreation" expenses.

    This rather superficial focus is similar to what the media did when the Project on Government Oversight released its report last September on drunken party antics by ArmorGroup private security contractors in Kabul, Afghanistan. Lost in all the coverage of contractors eating chips out of someone's ass was the fact that ArmorGroup's performance had "negatively impacted the security posture of the Local Guard Program for the U.S. Mission to Kabul."

    Let's acknowledge that for the time being the Davis's charges are just that and have yet to be proven. But if they end up being substantiated and Blackwater eventually suffers significant punishment it will be the equivalent of convicting Al Capone on tax evasion charges, given that in December a U.S. federal judge dismissed charges against Blackwater contractors accused of killing innocent Iraqi civilians in the September 2007 Nisoor Square incident, on the grounds that the government bungled the case by using testimony that was given under a grant of immunity.

    It may be sad to say but, given the history of sexual activities and some private contractors, the alleged use of a prostitute by Blackwater may actually be a step up. At least they were not trafficking in child sex slaves as some DynCorp contractors did in Bosnia back in the late 1990s.
  2. As long as she volunteered to be there (not working against her own will) I fail to see a massive problem. It isn't moral but if it all activities were descreet then so what? OK, it is embarassing, especially if the US govt ended up footing the bill.
    Blokes doing a dangerous job a long way from home etc. It wasnt so long ago that the Foreign Legion had thier bordello system...
  3. What is immoral about prostitution?? Hellfire, it isn't even illegal in many countries. Providiing Blackwater treated her as a net cost, rather than adding profit to the final SD contract, it isn't even living off immoral earnings. Morally it could be conceived as no worse than supplying the PMO with a Coke dispenser - though possibly better for their teeth?
  4. And a Phlipphlop is a good choice too. Far better than those horse faced Russian birds that you often see hawking their slack vages around.
  5. Is this what they call an open and shut case?
  6. can't imagine the US goverment would be impressed with blackwater billing them for a whore.
    plus hiring a third world whore to service 1st world clients brings in the whole trafficking thing. so a massive world of fail :evil:

    I just saw the emperour mong come past wearing okaleys 5.11 clothes and a rather natty blackwater baseball cap laughing his head off :twisted:
  7. IMO Russian chicks represent the better looking end of the spectrum. After a trip to Kazakhstan I have to say I saw no munters, nor fat birds stuffing chips into thier faces. To see the best you have to go to the 'Camel Club' in Almaty.
    By contrast if I ever scored with a far eastern bird I would always have that nagging doubt.....
  8. Sounds fine to me. Don't most armies do this from time to time?
  9. Very french :)

    Exactly the sh!t that goes down when you put a load of old squaddies together away from their wives, add booze sit back and enjoy:)
  10. The Huffington Post only gives half the story - Mrs Davis also claims that a pair of strippers were apparently paid for by Blackwater under "industrial cleaning" or similar :D
  11. British Regiments in India had 'unofficial' regimental brothels, they - and the 'ladies' were inspected weekly by the Medical Officer. The 'host' unit's Regimental Police patrolled the area each evening to maintain discipline and good order.
    This was extant up to and including the early part of WW2. Such establishments were maintained to reduce the number of STD cases - it did!

    I remember the MO of my Bn each week examining the local Hookers 'working' near Bn TacHQ in Sarawak in the mid '60s during the Borneo campaign. He would stamp their card as clean - or send them packing if they weren't! The brutal and licentious soldiery were supposed to look at the 'lady's' card prior to doing the biz.
    It was reasonably successful as VD cases were kept to a minimum. No the Bn didn't benefit financially!
  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Fail to see the problem. You are merely moving the mountain to Mohammed, rather than exposing him to all sorts of danger by going out hunting pussy in a dangerous place. Fact is, they would be out sniffing for vage either way. At least if its on strength they can ensure she is (relatively) clean and healthy. Wouldn't want to be her, though - imagine servicing all those fat arsed, red faced yee haws day in day out, and probably gang bangs at weekends...

    Still, I imagine she made more than in Angeles City. And no doubt the rotated the tart to keep their interest up.
  13. Far cheaper to hire a Filipino than most other nationalities of hooker. They should be applauded for their cost saving practices :D
  14. As an American I am appalled and disgusted.
    Most of our cars are made (quite shoddily) in Japan. Our companies outsource call centers to India. Most of the clothing is made in China or Mallasia. Now this!!

    I am sure there are American working girls who would jump at the chance to get away from standing on cold, windy street corners wearing skimpy skirts. Under US law government contractors are required to pay the prevailing wage for an occupation. This Filipina was taken a job that could and should have been filled by an American.

    I would write my congressman but he is busy, When he was district attorney he did not file charges against a woman who shot her brother as he felt that it was possible that a pump shotgun had fired three times by accident. She went on to murder three colleagues and the press is saying he did not do his job.

    I should note that when Bill Clinton was president you did not see him bringing in low cost foreign help as "interns". No, Bill Clinton hired young American women to serve their president in any way they could.
  15. BOC, I share your outrage. For too long now we have had the scourge of outsourcing damaging fragile western economies. We now suffer the indignity of our MP's using polish moat cleaners when a perfectly good company such as Brentford Moat and Drawbridge Ltd could have done the job.

    Outraged of East Africa (where he makes a very nice living outsourcing cheap african labour to Australia), Formally Coventry (a city hardest hit by those who outsource labour to third world countries).