blacksheep again

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Once more I am in the dog house with my mum, dad, sister other half.... In fact the only person that doesn't think I'm a prick is my little girl, and I'm sure she has her doubts.

    My sister has moved home after 2 1/2 years living in Brisbane... She is pregnant and doesn't want to bring a kiddy up away from her family and has always suffered badly from homesickness.

    Her other half didn't really want to return but is standing by my sister and returning to the wintery UK conditions.

    I picked them up from the Airport and handed them both a fleece to put on due to the Manchester weather. As they got into the motor I grinned at Lee and said 'Bet your chuffed to be home' he sarcastically looked at me and said 'yeah, extatic'

    All the way back, my sister was justifying her reasons for returning in a vein attempt to convince us both that they were doing the right thing.

    Without thinking I said 'What if the nipper miscarries and Dad drops dead, then your fcuked, given up all that for fcuk all'

    She didn't speak to me all the way back and Lee wasn't overly chuffed either.... She was a snitch as a kid and still is now, she ran straight in and told my mum and dad what I'd said...

    Looks like this black sheep will be stagging on for the next ten years, also living in hope the baby lives or its death will be on my hands.

    Not bothered, I grabbed a pair two pairs of her knickers form the boot, have one pair on and have the gusset of the other oer my nose, am listening to Ultravox and knocking one out. That'll teach her
  2. you are one depraived person....good drills though :twisted:

  3. Cnut !!!


    Secretarys just come rushing in thinking i was choking on my choccy Hob -Nobs

  4. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Pop them on Ebay afterwards, that will really show her!
  5. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

  6. Ive kept her knickers on now for nearly 24 hours, very flimsy, hardly absorbent and cutting my knackerbag to ribbons... bizarrely though my erection hasn't flopped past a semi on and I dont want to take them off, even though I am getting a hint of bum vapour and sack sweat leaking upwards and attacking my nostrils.

    Anyone else want to confess to getting cheap thrill from wearing siblings underwear?

    Sadly she is only a size four shoe and am dying to see my legs in a pair of heels along with these precum stained trollies... Something tells me I won't make the most elegant lady but I'm gonna have a good tug trying.

    I tried tuckign the old boy away but its difficult and painfull with a full helping of blood to the helmet.

    Any other arsers got any helpful ideas I can tap into...

    Also the Ultravos Vienna, dancing with tears in my eyes and loves great adventure combo is wearing thin and dancing provocativley in the mirror to The Stranglers is hardly erotic
  7. you are a sick sick puppy

    (when you've finished with the knickers, put them back in her undie drawer - after you've extracted the bar of soap she keeps in there to make them smell nice...)
  8. Do you know Gary Glitter ??
  9. MDN said

    "Any other arsers got any helpful ideas I can tap into..."

    when you crack one off;

    first dip you dcik in vasaline then in used cat litter, its a ruff way but works for me, my sister still dont know i do it, glad im not alone i thought i was ill or sumit.

    ps how do you do that copying the other persons msg thing???
  10. Goddam sicko! your sister's knickers! use yuor Mums instead,having a good old sniff on the gusset is like home again time,takes you back to your origins so to speak,more so if they are stained with your old mans jiss.Complete!
    This is the milking equivalent of 'fighting the ancient way' in Jean Claude Van Damme's uber rucking flick 'Kick boxer'.


    It could be a bit rough on the old chap though, so for beginners I recommend dipping your schwantz in golden syrup then going along to your nearest woolworths and dunking your dripping nob in the pick and mix, don't forget to get a good selection of white mice, foam shrimps, milk teeth, gummy bears and if you are really rock, fizzy cola bottles.
  12. rigger,
    thats a bit garry glitter for me, your old fella out ,and you in a pick in mix, your only gonna get in trouble! Some old dear is gonna end up pulling the wrong flumps and giving you a nasty injury you just could not explain to your mrs.
  13. Two days now and they stink...

    If I peeled them off and lobbed them at my sis she would fall pregnant all over again.... The other pair I have nibbled a hole in... they weren't brand new and had a residue in the form of a stubborn understain on the gusset.. this sent me in to an aroused frenzy and my hallway now needs decorating and wiping up, there is slavver, manfat, blood and baby oil up every wall.

    Ive gotten used to wearing siblings undercrackers and when I tried returning to regular shreddies this morning life just didn't feel complete.

    Do I go through cold turkey whilst this affliction / addiction is in its early stages or go on a knicker robbing expedition. The thought of peeling my sisters trollies off in a department store and visiting a changing room to put them on and knock one out before flicking my batter at unaware shoppers is making my bol1ox boil
  14. Hitler suppressed his feelings for years, look what happend when his fetish for invading finally let fly, had he just done it carefully, say once or twice a month non of us would have noticed. And by now we would all be driving cheep BMW's and there would be a brothel on every school play ground>