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Blacks and Latinos Cry Foul at Asians Scoring Well in NYC School Tests

I've just been trying to understand a 'Guardian' article about gang culture in the UK which managed to get through the entire piece without using the word 'black'.

So many words - dishonesty, euphemism, hypocrisy, denial, cowardice, failure - so little time.
12 correct-----------monged at algebra and logs.
Back in the mid 90s the organization I worked for were bemoaning the fact we were not meeting our minority promotion 'goals' and Affirmative Action/EEO were getting litigious even though minorities were failing the promotion exams. HR insisted we lower the pass mark to 45% yes - Forty Five PERCENT from 75%. I pointed out that the newly promoted managers elevated on the strength of a 45% pass would be wrong in their decision making 65% of the time.
I was informed it was my job to train them, following promotion, to ensure they were ready to enter various managerial/leadership courses at our academy and the local university. I discovered some, despite having degrees, were barely literate, it was a nightmare!

or 55% even


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"Blacks and Latinos Cry Foul at Asians Scoring Well in NYC School Tests"

Boo-f*cking-hoo...we'll have the English complaining next that they don't have fantastic scenery or Irn Bru.

I despise this sh*t about colour or race or gender, man-up and just 'do better', lazy tw*ts. I've been led to believe that the f*cking garden boys/ANC in Serf Efrika are lowering the standards of education to enable more non-whites/non-colours (Asians, etc.) to attain degrees, thus in one f*cking move diluting the worth of every future graduate from South Africa, regardless of their cultural background.

Just realised I'm not in the NAAFi, so have 'asterix'd' the sweary words.

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