Blacks and Latinos Cry Foul at Asians Scoring Well in NYC School Tests

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JoeCivvie, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. Sad that some areas of US society think everything should be dumbed-down for them, or that they should be spoon-fed help. I suspect more of this sort of thing will happen in the UK, too.
  2. I think it's been going on for years

  3. ..and years and years...

    Boston had similar problems relative to Boston Latin School, a public school in Boston since 1635. Boston, a good many years ago, established affirmative action acceptance programs which resulted in black and latino kids being admitted with scores lower than those of white and asian kids who were not accepted. However a suit in Federal Court against this policy, brought by the father whose daughter was not accepted despite ranking quite high in the admissions test. The parent of the white girl prevailed in the US Court of Appeals.
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  4. At least that sort of thing will never happen here. We go on merit only.
  5. Wheres that then?
  6. I'm sorry. I missed off the bit about as anyone who has tried to join the police/immigration/local govt in the last eight to ten years will know.
  7. "Give me preferential treatment based on my race or I'll sue You for Racism" Such are the enlightened times we live in
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  8. In the 90s Matsushita (Panasonic) told Wales that unless their education standards improved inward investment must dry to a trickle. This was after they gave basic tests for apprenticeships which Welsh school leavers could not pass.

    In the 70s there were appeals in South Wales press for brighter school leavers to go to university to study science or engineering and to leave public sector admin jobs for less able school leavers better suited to semi skilled admin or police type work.

    In 76 Plessey torpedos and sonar relocated to Wales. By the early 80s their plan to shift R and D there was fractured. No suitably able graduates .....

    UK did away with compulsory apprenticeships about 1819 ?

    Then the state imposed upon us police and education. So successful was this that Germany was ahead of us in steel production, developing technology and share of world manufactured goods by the turn of the century.

    In WW1 our outstanding performance over the Hun was mining. With each British tunnel digger being five times more productive than his German counterpart/

    Well done British miners and tunnelers.

    Poor reward by the 80s when Thatcher Saville and Scargill all variously shafted minors .....
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  9. Snigger.
  10. Liked for this well hidden gem

  11. You mean "right sex, right colour......" ......?
  12. Christ Almighty, 11 out of 15 without even trying! Ref the title, aren't the blacks and latinos too busy conducting drive-bys and flogging meth and crack to each other to worry about education?
  13. In June this year, a chap called Xiao Yulong was invigilating the national university entrance exam in a school in Hunan Province and accidentally called time four-and-a-bit minutes early. He was sentenced to 1 year's imprisonment.

    That's why Asian students do better.
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