Blacks and Islam

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by samain11, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Reading todays thread about Jamaica's PM wanting an apology for slavery I got to wondering why Islam seems to have become the religion
    of choice for disenchanted or militant blacks. My understanding is that the transatlantic slave trade was tiny in comparison to the
    trans-saharan and east African trade and that their subsequent treatment was better, as shown by the large populations of ex-slaves
    in the new world and the absence of large black populations in the Middle Eastern Islamic world. I got my info from a book by John Alembillah Azumah.
  2. The diversity courses that I have attended (to cleanse my mind) seem to suggest that Islam stands for equality. Which is why it appealed to the Untouchables in India and if that it is true then slaves would probably go for equality.
  3. Islam seems to be just like communism in that some are more equal than others. The powerful get all the perks while the rest are told to get on with it and that they will have their reward in heaven.

    ...or is that Christianity?

  4. Both Christianity and Islam lean towards the left. It's haram to lend money for profit, and Jesus cast the money lenders from the temple.

    Both hate the idle too.

    That's how I understand it. The duty imam/padre will be along shortly to smite me with superior knowledge.
  5. Theological/Philosophical reasoning - Slavery of black nation prophesied in Bible (Genesis), Christianity is the religion of the white 'slave traders'.

    Real reason - Nation of Islam has shit loads of money and preaches black supremacy.
  6. Islam says everything is the will of Allah so nothing is your fault, women are chattels and lower class of being so you don't have to listen to your mum/wife/etc, anyone who is not exactly like you ie poofs/liberals/christians/add your own are evil or at best misguided so you can do what you like to them with no karmic come back, if you follow the simple easily understood rules then you are a "good person" and nothing that happens is your fault (see point 1).

    For a slave/disenfranchised poor black whats not to like about all that?
  7. It was reported at the time that the chap who went on a plane with exploding underpants, converted to Islam in prison, after advice from his jailbird Dad that Muslims got better food than the rest of them.
  8. It's a bit of a stretch to go from violently disapproving of a Temple based financial services solution to a total rejection of usury however it has been interpreted since. I mean how many parables about making good investments do you want per-Testament Mr Snakey, Sir?
  9. Theres no shortage of white converts to Islam and radical Islam.

    Whilst an informed opinion from someone who has studied radicalisation would be able to give us a more detailed answer, my own observation is that a lot of converts to Islam (of all races) do so at university or in prison. Both are location where young men are vulnerable and more likely to attach themselves to the most confident set of young men who pay them attention.

    Back in the day, it wasn't unusual to see people come out of prison and become the strangest bible bashers.
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  10. One of the reasons the militant and angry blacks become muslim is to rebel against the White majority society.
  11. Or it's just because they are ***** and the peaceful religion needs loads of ***** to act as stupid footsoldiers? In the old days when people knew the difference between a racist and a racialist, the latter used to believe that the colour of the skin of blacks showed that they were more prone to evil...

    ...because clearly the Devil has marked them as his own. Fairly amusing, especially when you look at the horrors committed in Europe and central Asia over the last 150 years (a racist, by contrast, did not judge one race superior to another, only that each had differences).

    In response to the original post: far more young black men (those who don't end up in gangs and dead), end up becoming devout Christians than muslims. Have a look at the growth of various Christian churches in Africa and the Caribbean and then compare to mulsamic sects.
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  12. On the upside saying "I divorce you" three times seems a cheap and effective way of ending a messy marriage.
  13. But not as much fun as the "no thicker than your thumb" ruling.
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  14. Conversion (or radicalisation) is likely to occur at Prison or University due to the potential for "frame re-alingment". That is, many normal expecatations are discarded and so ways of thinking are then open to being shifted to except certain other points of view.

    It is a long process (or can be a sudden series of events, being a dependant upon the individual), and I'm not suggesting it effects everyone in the same way. There has to be a persuasive message from a convincing source, and it helps if it is in-line with what has been previously established. Thus it reinforces established and accepted "truths".

    It used to be the concept of New Religious Movements (or cults) that were feared on campus, "love-bombing" people; giving them meaning and worth and kudos. Now campus radicalisation.

    Not helped by, say, University College London whitewashing themselves of any responsibilty for Umar Farouk Mutallarab (the underpant bomber) who was there prior to moving to Yemen to study "arabic". Then trying to bomb an airplane for AQ.

    As to better food, it's like claming to be a veggie on an airplane. You do get better food.

    As to how long the conversion lasts outside prison, I don't know the success rate. Maybe it is akin to "institutional homosexuality", ie hetrosexuals engaging in homosexual practice in an institution and then "reverting" to hetrosexuality on exit?

    As to why blacks adopted Islam more generally, I dare say it depends on the region. In some places the animist local religions have influenced Islam in ways which would be utterly un-acceptable in (say) Saudi.

    The Nation of Islam is a seperate beast entirely, I am not qualified to say anthing about them.

    As to Jamaica, it is currently home to this lad;

    Abdullah el-Faisal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    He is the very model of a modern looney mullah. Deported from here after conviction for solicitation to Murder, current preaches via the infernalnet to the faithful.
  15. Clearly you've not read Thomas Thistlewood's diaries.
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