Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by Monty417, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. I pity anyone living there. I went there not long ago to an away match, trust me, never again. On a casual stroll out on the seafront, I happened to stumble upon a bloke and a woman having an enormous shouting match which descended into violence - the woman smacking the guy in the head then the guy belting the woman. Next thing a copper turns up but instead of trying to calm things down he starts clouting the guy with his truncheon. Then, cutting a long story short the guy wrestles the truncheon from the copper and starts belting his Mrs AND the copper.

    Just to cap it all off this crocodile turns up and nicks all the sausages!
  2. Oh My God. it is perhaps a semi-joke, sort of.
  3. Not such a semi joke as Brum inner city though.
  4. Must agree with you, its a complete shite hole. Makes me glad I don't live there.
  5. You didn't happen to drop in at Chaps Hotel did you? As it's "Exclusively for gay men only" (no straights or women) you'd have been on to about £1800 compensation when they refused you a single bed.
  6. You speak from experience I take it? It sounds like it needs to be done, just to even up the status quo, er and the dosh of course.
  7. Best chuckle I've had in ages,but Brum is great-lived here for 20 or so years and never seen a crocodile!
  8. Blackpool! The Las Vagas of the North!

    When 'O B 1 Kanobi' said "Never will you find a place full of more wretched scum and villainy" was infact talking about Blackpool, not Alderan!

    Pavement pizzas, gangs of drunks looking for a fight, pissed fat slags with corn beef legs stagering around and Bed and Breakfast accomodation that makes the singlies block at Middle Wallop look desirable! Infact the matresses they issue in Middle Wallop have less piss stains on them!

    It is indeed a shit-hole! But feck do I love a night out there.............. Quality!
  9. It was the space port of Mos Eisley actually. Alderan was the planet the Death Star destroyed.

    Pedant hat off, I'm such a geek.
  10. Right that is, comic book guy you are.
  11. I stand corrected! But then again I was always a bit clueless when it comes to places, maps or knowing where anything is these days! ;-)
  12. I'm from Blackpool, actually.
    Yeah, fair one.

    Funny Girls more than makes up for the front.
  13. I lived and worked there for a few years, it's as good as anywhere else of similar size. True there are no Crocodiles, but there are whales in the canal.

    I heard a Brummie tell his mate that he'd fished two whales outa the cut, but some bastard had whipped the bike frame.
  14. Sheepay or anyone else from blackpool can you help me out. What is the name of the chipshop in Blackpool that James Hanratty was supposed to have been caught? This has been bugging me for ages. Haven't been there for ten years at least but went there every year with my gran just because he was caught in it (Arn't old folks bloodthirsty). Never had bourght fish and chips as good since. Or bread cut in tringles (very posh)!
  15. I thought that he was arrested whilst fleeing TO Blackpool? I'm probably wrong though. But I think the chipshop is the same one where Elvis Presley worked after faking his own death.