Blackpool Vulcan dead :(

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheLordFlasheart, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. XL391, the Vulcan at Blackpool airport (famous ebay sale a while back) has met its end.

    What a sad way for a piece of British Aviation history to end up.

    Land Lord buys Vulcan off EBay

    He didnt do his homework and couldnt afford the transportation costs (approx £20,000).

    The Vulcan was flogged to a scrappies for £5k. Blackpool News




    The Vulcan had been rotting away prior to this so it was probably the best thing for her.
  2. They have apparently saved the nose and will be restored and put in a museum. (Can't remember where I heard it or how reliable that is)
  3. It's a sad loss. I live not far away and used to visit it at least once a month. I wish I took some pictures of it now :(
  4. Oh, now that is very sad. I lived in Lytham for a while as a teenager and used to take the 11A to Blackpool just to see her. Real shame. :cry: Where I now live, the privately owned Gatwick Airport Museum is around the corner and has everything from a Canberra to a Jaguar. They're all rotting slowly but the tremendous old guy who runs it encourages small (and big :D ) kids to climb around and, on occasion, in them. Best way. 20K wouldn't have been much to raise. Wasn't there some sort of appeal a while back?
  5. what a waste, why dont they spend some of the lottery money to preserve our heritage instead of wasting it on the usual rubbish.
    surely it could of gone to bruntingthorpe up in leicester where the only working one is.
  6. It was at the end of my street as a kid, watched it land and played on it as if it was my own from age eleven until being arrested a couple or three years ago for trying to relive my childhood (thats a different story though)

    Tricky, seems we had a similar stomping ground, the 11A was where I saw my first real live titty :D

    Seems ashame to see the Vulcan go this way, but it really was only a pile of rusty old, none maintained scrap.
  7. A summary of its more recent history quoted from a chap on 'that other site';

    Pair of tits. I believe the Land Lord (Chris Ollerenshaw) has now purchased a Sea Harrier to stick in his pub car park. The mind boggles.
  8. Hmm... its a shame... but if it wasn't preserved well would have just been an empty shell..... and trust me, even on the forecourt they cost alot to maintain!

    But good news is on the horison... XH 558 is on the mend....

    Vulcan to the Sky

    sexy plane..... even if its in bits...

    Roll on 2007 for the first flight... least thats what i've been reliably informed.....

  9. That picture might be the clue to where the nose cone has gone from the scrapped one....or maybe not.
  10. The whole saga of the Blackpool Vulcan has been aired on our local TV news Granada Reports over the last twelve months. On Thursday night they showed the cutting machine turn up, and bit-by-bit, smash the Vulcan into pieces. The news reporter was an ex-crab, and even he was stunned at the destruction!

    Personally, I think the whole episode was miss managed. Opportunities like this are few and far between. You can get a grant from the lottery fund for setting up a ‘Bisexual Asian Dance Troupe with learning difficulties’, but you cant get help to preserve the countries military heritage.
  11. It's criminal isn't it? A piece of history vandalsed and sold for scrap. It's kinda indicitive of our times.
  12. Pair of tits. I believe the Land Lord (Chris Ollerenshaw) has now purchased a Sea Harrier to stick in his pub car park. The mind boggles.[/quote]

    He has indeed bought a Sea Harrier to "replace" the Vulcan he originally had. Anyone who's that interested and lives in the South Manchester area can go and have a look at the Snipe Inn, Birch lane, Dukinfield. And then they can try and work out why someone would do such a strange thing. 8O
  13. Bloody dreadful aircraft. Glad to see the back of it. They should all have been scrapped and all memory of them wiped from the record many years ago. It was the aircraft I dreaded being posted to.

    First it was an excuse for a B52, then an excuse for an ICBM then an excuse for TSR2 and finally an excuse for a tanker.

    Good riddance.
  14. A bit harsh Vasco.

    Yes I am reliably informed they were a complete bitch to work on but if a proportionate amount to the funding that was thrown at the B52 had been spent on the Vulcan (or Victor) they'd still be as viable today as the B52/B2 are.

    Of course the fact we no longer have the money to operate proper bombers anymore is a different matter. I suppose its better to use that sort of money propping up Westlands.....
  15. I agree with you on this. Everyone has an interest or hobby, but I was in this pub last summer and I can't work out why he wants to park a Vulcan or even a Sea Harrier outside. I think it's gonna attract the wrong kind of attention. Can see this being nicked and flown down the M67 :D !