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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rawhide, May 19, 2012.

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  1. So this thread has a life expectancy of 6 hours max.

    Blackpool take on West Ham in a few hours in the playoffs at Wembley, as a Blackpool man born and bread I am a proud supporter of the Seasiders.

    Unfortunately for me, all their recent prosperity under Ian Holloway has happened since I moved down under, I can recall rainy days on the South Stand (and big pissups in the No1, No 3 and the Saddle (blackpool number their clubs for ease of location).

    Tough game against the Eastenders but the Blackpool FC heart to just enjoy the moment and with all the travelling fans to make the most out of a day at Wembley will make us Seasiders winners on the day (unless we lose).

    Come on Blackpool, show these fuckers what we can do...UP THE POOL!!!!!

    {3 ex pats with a Eskie full of Stella for the occasion}
  2. did you mean to say "born and bred"
  3. I've just had a lovely bacon sandwich.
  4. See you next year.

    Lots of love,

    Steve Cotteril NFFC
  5. Ooh thanks for that.

    What I meant to say is you are a cunt.
  6. No doubt it only had 2 rashers in it and they were microwaved, placed between 2 slices of Tesco value you scouse cnut.
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  7. If you meant to say he is a cunt,why all the waffle about West Ham,Blackpool and all the rest of it?

    Yes,I too am a cunt,save your breath my friend.
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  8. Fucked since nigel clough did fuck all..
  9. Because I though it was a bit rude to start a thread...Fox_and_Horses is a cunt.

    I started this so you OUT yourselves...
  10. Typical crap from a Sandgrounder.
  11. I'm highly offended. I may be a cunt but i am not a friggin scouser !
  12. Sounds like a Chavwich to me. Nice to see Blackpool, home of the legendary late great Sir Stanley Matthews, getting some limelight. Makes a change from Mancs & Scousers
  13. Sandgrown you philistine.

    I recon you are not quite East Lancashire, you dont have a love of Hare Corsing, although you are named f&h (usually hounds not horses).
  14. Come on the tangerines! It would be nice to see a Lancs team promoted. It would make up for the fact that PNE managed the play-offs several years running and flunked it every time and Blackburn have been shafted by dodgy chicken farmers and a manager who seems to take his inspiration from Adolf circa May 45 moving make believe armies around the map whilst the Russian guns shelled Seelow.
  15. I may well be a cunt but I will be quietly cheering Blackpool on this afternoon,I do have a soft spot for the shitehole.