Blacklight (U.V.) Tattoos

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bossdog, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Tattoos that only show up and glow under UV light...

    I've heard all the arguments for and against so I don't really want to hear them.

    Has anyone had one of these tattoos? How long did it take to heal and become invisible? Any side effects?
  2. I've had a quick google and it seems that they're not invisible in daylight.


    So, in answer to your question of how long it takes to become invisible, it probably won't, though the glow effect probably decreases with time.
  3. Thats because the one you looked at is an outline done in the ink around a normal tattoo. I'm not after that. I'm after a total blacklight tattoo. I've googled and found all that stuff. I'm just after personal experiences. Cheers.
  4. What are you going to get done? "Fcuk Off" on your forehead :D

    Heres some better examples, some show some dont:

    must say the celtic knotwork one looks impressive!

    I suggest contacting your local tattoo studio/artist and asking them.
  5. Who in thier right mind would want a glowing chemical inpregnated in thier skin ?? Not me, I,m happy with indian ink & cigar ash which fell off "Painless Jeffs" cigar while he was tatooing me in the mid 80s. He was Deals finest (well, only) tatooist & a bit of a sadist aswell I thought.