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It's always interesting to see how soldiers in the field adapt and overcome problems in their day to day business. Like how to keep all the relevant, dynamic and often rapidly changing battlefield information accessible and to hand. In Afghan it took the form of the lads cutting out the white plastic inserts from grenade tins and using them as marker boards, sometimes in thin strips taped to their arms, other times as pocket-fit rectangles. Always a mass of grids, bearings and large font ‘FML’ from time to time.

What's more interesting is how quickly companies involved in military kit observe these field adaptations and bring it into their own products. Blackhorse military may not be the first but it's certainly the first product I've seen to encompass these plastic boards in with their 'The Soldier' fully fitted field aid folder.

'The Soldier' is as it says, a field aid folder which is sized to fit your map pocket and contains a plethora of options for scribblings.

We have at the back an Aquascribe notepad inserted into its own sleeve. This pad can be written on in the rain but is a Blackhorse stamped product and not the same product that you may have heard of which is called 'Rite in the rain' or something to that effect. However having compared the two there is no difference apart from the colour as this is a white notepad instead of the other brands brown offering.

After that you then have the plastic board which is held in place by a small green sleeve which is actually sewn directly onto the plastic itself giving it a secure housing. Several good attempts to rip it out proved its sturdiness.

That's then followed on by four clear folders for inserts such as crib cards, etc. It also has a sticker on one which very helpfully notes that talcum powder inside the sleeve can stop ink etc coming off onto the plastic, a common problem and the first time I've heard of this solution, so a good top tip there.

Again, these are sewn in with green sleeves up the sides and seem fairly well secured. They are small but should do the job for most A5 crib cards, though some adjusting of layout may be required to make it all fit.

Then on the inner jacket you have a pocket for a standard notebook (Supplied) a pen holder which will fit three pens (One supplied) then another five pen holders behind that (One holds a Chinagraph pencil, supplied) and a final sleeve behind that which can hold either more cards or just...

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