BlackHawk Stomp ii Medical Daysack

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Whiskey_60, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. Very quick one.

    The above mentioned Medical Daysack is currently on issue to CMTs on the ground.

    My Question, when it's fully packed out with the med kit you need to cover a patrol is there any room for the sort of kit you'd normally put in a daysack or are you fucked?


  2. If it's packed out with the full contents of the module then you'd be lucky to squeeze an after eight into it. However you can get 1 or 2 extra bits in if you pack the med kit required for the task as opposed to the whole lot.

    Problem is med kit is naturally quite bulky so space is a premium. It doesn't take many bags of fluid, hypothermia blankets, abdo dressings and SAM pelvic splints to fill up a daysack. Shoving a few MOLLE pouches on helps a bit, but it's tight.
  3. If you try and pack it with the CES of a 584 Module, you'd struggle to even get just the med stuff in let alone anything else.

    As BigMac suggests throw half the med kit away and tailor to the missson.
  4. Stomp 2 is no good unless you have a vehicle to carry it in or you are leaving it in a location and working out of it. Unless things have changed very drastically in the last 2 years most of the shite medical modules (emphasis on shite) are absolutely useless and if you are at the pointy end you are better off with a big bag of FFDs and CATs. For patrol work the issued Target medical day sack is good as it has zips that you can use to fit the side pouches off your bergan onto and can live out of for a day or two as well as enough room for your medical crap
  5. Cheers for the response guys! Very helpful.

    I tell you what I've seen once and never seen again. It looked like an NI Patrol Pack minus side pouches (had PLCE side pouch zips instead). When you opened the lid ontop it revealed zips so you could zip it all the way to the bottom and fold it out. It was issued too.

    I'm thinking of just using the Issued Medical Side Pouch filled with whatever I need for the particular task put into the main compartment of my Motherlode with C Collars in there too, personal kit in the front compartment and my <C> kit in 2 Osprey Med Pouches Molle'd onto the outside of the Daysack...
  6. That is the Target pack and there should still be an NSN for them
  7. Hmm, might be worth looking into then.