BlackHawk Combat Boots

I'm trying to decided whether it is worth investing in a new pair of boots. On my last OTC weekend using my issue pair I got blisters like fcuk on my heels and balls of my feet - I think they are a tad too big. Section attacks were especially painful. I was looking into buying some BlackHawk boots, granted they are off the beaten track, rather than Lowas, does anyone know if they are any good? Or if they can be polished? I don't want to invest in a walt pair of boots or be a bit keen, but I suppose it would be better than issue boots.


-Cheers, Gremlin
They look like they wouldn't last as well as Lowas or Altbergs.
If your feet are giving you gyp because they are a bad fit then buying off the internet without trying them on is perhaps not the wisest move. Play around with your issue boot first. They should be fine for what you are doing.

Think about different sock combinations to take up the slack of the boot although it sounds as if impact is causing the blisters on the ball unless they are at the side in which case fill up the room with decent pair of socks.

In the long run it will be cheaper and you can trash your boots till your heart's content as they were free.

The only time to think about getting a second pair (read Grade 1 or so )is for parades as you don't have to spend quite so long getting them bulled up.

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Try to fill your issue boots with sorbo insoles, comfy and take 97% impact off your joints, also tried those 1000 mile socks?
Gremlin0790 said:
I think they are a tad too big. [/url]

-Cheers, Gremlin
Its always a top tip to get boots that fit..... 8)

Cant wait to have you as my new troop boss.......
Cheers for the input, I realise searching for a new pair was quite silly. I'll definitely look into the insoles, they seem to be a good solution. I was wearing wigwam socks and sock liners, and as soon as one of my feet got wet it was finished - the blisters soon appeared. Our past weekend was the first really strenuous weekend we've had - my boots were fine for drill and classroom work, but as soon as we started in the field they started to rub. I'll play around with them before our FTX.

-Cheers, Gremlin
Remembering the basics is always a good start,

Spare pair of issue socks in your dacsack with an A4 size ziplock bag of foot powder, all waterproofed in a side pouch liner.

If you have a spare 30 seconds, change one sock at a time, powder your feet and wring out the wet sock, hang it through your ECBA arm hole (use the hook velcro) They dry with body heat, giving you dryer socks to change back into if required.

If you have a spare 2 mins, get a brew on at the same time, :D

Coffee Julie Andrews please.....

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