Blackened '37 Pattern Webbing in WW2?

I'm trying to find out which regiments used shoe polish blackened '37 pattern webbing during WW2. Any ideas please?

T'interweb throws up possibly 4 Para, the RTR and some Rifle regts, and the Canadian 8th Hussars (Princess Louise's.


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That photo is of a Royal Marine Denison Smock and Equipment for Suez 1956.
My bet would be Para`s or Commandos.

Vast majority of early war raids carried out by commandos where night raids.
Not sure of the "rules" back then, but would regular units be allowed to darken there webbing?
Seems more suited that commando`s would have done such.

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I think at St Nazaire they wore white webbing! For ID at night purposes allegedly. RTR certainly have black '37 pattern - still do.
There wasn't any hard and fast rules, only after the war did it become more formalised. Kings Regt when garrisoned in Gibraltar b;ackened their webbing, night time raids atound Tobruk by Desert Rats used black are some examples.
Paras and Commandos blancoed their webbing KG3 (Khaki Green) like everyone else. Blackening withh boot polish might have been useful at a night time raid, but would've been a massive pain in the cock to remove afterwards.
The Junior Leader Regiment RA right up until at least 79

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