Blackdown 93

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Ok I am new to this forum lark ,i did basic training in buller in 93 and when rct and rlc joined together i ended up at deepcut for about a year ,silly fool that i was back then i met a lass and married her on camp anyone remember that or was i p*ssed again lol, used to pal with mcdade(god) geordie and jock thompson ,anyone recognise this shiort speel lemme know .Nice one

ps I used to spend most of my time in deepcut banged up in the gaurdroom only because sgt wr**** was a wnaker.
I did my class 1 there in 93 - did you ever see a naked man in the naafi?
could have done lmao............93 is a long time ago lol while i was there we lived in the naafi so to speak because we had store cards ....btw i still owe money for them hehehe,,,,,me and my lot were the 2nd and last passing out recruits from buller barracks and had to go to blackdown before a posting to either leconsfield for driver training or to different reg`s,,,,,,personallt i went to lec came back after passing driver training got married on camp in oCT 93 and then went to beilefeld germany to 9 field and ambulance but didnt last long due to the need for my woman at the time lol
OB you sound like a proper mong, first of all the RCT and RLC did not join together and who the funk would remember a niggy wedding!
Well done for lasting 2 mins in 9 Sqn by the way it was called fuel and ambulance not field and ambulance!!, if you need to find your mates try this site;

Pity you didn't stay in longer, now we have education wings where "u cud of learnt da englis".
:crying: <-- here look satisfied you made my alter ego cry as for learning english (niggy is correct i take it) aww lad is your goal in life to try correct spelling or speech???

And if you read all my statement i said it was years ago and 9 fuel and ambulance was a wnak posting and was posted elsewhere after my small posting to colchester for being AWOL ,so in answer to your link heres one for you,,,,,,,,

To all others looking at this and were actually in blackdown at the time feel free to contact me ,as for you moon monkey one can see from your need to research different sqn`s globally that you really need a life saddo.
oh yes Rct became Rlc so biatch slap me for my previous text where i said Rct joined Rlc but hey it can be misconstrued that way to by all the other companys amalgimating to form Rlc wnaker tut should not feel the need to try correct someone elses manner of speech on a forum :)
OB-blackdown said:
9 fuel and ambulance was a wnak posting and was posted elsewhere after my small posting to colchester for being AWOL
Shiney 9 was the dogz bollox 8O
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