Yeah, I used them they were quite good, reasonable price and quick service. When I went to the garage the day after to have them fitted, the guy at the garage said if I went direct, he'd knock 10% extra off the black circle price :)


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I use them most of the time.

They have a network of garages that do the fitting and they will drop them if they keep getting bad reviews.
box-of-frogs, do you live anywhere in the South (Hants, Wilts)?

If so, try this place; Micheldelver Tyre just outside Basingstoke. They are the cheapest place around. Even cheaper than mail order.

As an example;

Pirelli P Zero Scorpion 265/45/20 (fitted, valve and balancing inc VAT)

Black Circles - £273.75
Micheldelver Tyre - £174.50


If you live/work within reach of Hants/Berks Wilts area try Headley Tyres on the A339 between Newbury and Basingstoke.The guy in there has never needed to spend anything on advertising,relying on word-of-mouth.They're nearly always busy,but may be worth a try.....
Live oop north (fortunately! :wink: ) Cheers for answers. Think i'll give them a go.
box-of-frogs said:
Live oop north (fortunately! :wink: ) Cheers for answers. Think i'll give them a go.

This should suffice then;

Nah - i'm after one of these bad boys.........



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I have used them to get a price. I then went to my local guy. He has always offered a better price.

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