Congrats sooty...... baby boy!!!!
Not opening the shiraz till saturday's word cup win courtesy of Johnny Wilkinson :D
Got a name for him yet sooty?
Well done sooty. Didn't think you had it in you!

Your sprog is obviously better than mdns 'no show'.

BTW, what colour is it and when will you be appearing on 'Trisha' with your pierced and tattooed partner?

I vote you call it Frogmella if its a girl or Rothmans if it's a geyser.

(Note to self: even though I always ignore lippie, read her post thouroughly. This will give me a clue as to the gender of blackies ankle biter.)

Rothmans it is then!
Well done mate, just try not to lick its walnut :D
Cheers guy's decided to call him Harry, no middle name as yet although monk, sycombe, chrishna and jump jet have all been vetoed by the doris. :D
The Lord Flasheart said:
I vote you call it Frogmella if its a girl or Rothmans if it's a geyser.
Furthre note to self Flashie - geyser = hot watery thingy rushing from ground at great speed (viz 'Old Faithfull') Geezer = southern colloquialism for good bloke (viz Dennis Warerman)
Thanks for the correction, milan. Look at the time I posted it. I think I did quite well seeings how I was probably totally mullered.

Futhre? Whats that, Bolivian for further? :lol:

Advice to new parent...

You'll take the first three years to teach the little thing to walk and talk....
then the next thirteen telling him to sit down and shut up!

Fair one Flashie - also note Waterman didn't quite pass muster either....

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