Blackbird vs Sparrow

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dunservin, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. I've started this thread because the previous one was so rudely interrupted and I'm still waiting to find out which bird won the fight.
  2. Yes I thought it was a bit rude!
    I thought the live fight WAS current affairs!
    The fight is in the 7th Round, Blackies been deducted 1 Point for illegally using his beak.
    Still watching........
  3. Thats it, I passing Magpie didn't like what he was seeing and broke it up during the 8th. Funkin Rozzers!
    Close fight but the Spadger got in close and kept away from Blackies reach. I'd say Spadger won on points, awaiting the verdict......
  4. Don't tell me... it's Friday morning, the caffeine hasn't kicked in and you're bored?

  5. i have always found that .22 accupel keep the magpies away
  6. Ok - so who won?
  7. Try a 9mm Garden Gun with dustshot. Good out to 10x.

    Merles taste quite good . . . .
  8. sound like fun where can i get one
  9. Probably Weller & Dufty, gun/ammo auctioneers of Brum. I hear-tell 9mm GGs are no longer made.

    Pate of Merles!? Yummy!
  10. you are right been after one for ages anyone out there with one for sale please pm me details
  11. Weller & Dufty used to have them fairly regularly, and - just as important - the dust-shot ammo for them.

    Webley and Parker-Hale used to make 9mm Garden Guns, IIRC.

    Sorry - at my current loc I haven't got W&D's contact details, and Google isn't helping . . .

    Billwotsisname at the BASC Firearms Dept. would know.
  12. Thasnks for that Caubeen i will try mailing Bill Harriman at shooting times /basc