Blackadder-The whole rotten saga

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. On now, Sky Gold 110 (Gold +1 at 2200hrs).

    Pretty much the definative history of Blackadder with cast interviews. Don't think its been on before but a 'must' for all Blackadder fans (by default, everyone in the Armed Forces).
  2. Thanks Flash, I will see if I can find it "uploaded" to any file servers, so people that miss it, can find it again on their PC's.
  3. Am watching it... As soon as they mentioned Flash my thoughts immediately turned to Arrse 8) I've been a fan for a while & was given the whole collection on DVD last Christmas :)

  4. Watching it......

    Some classic scenes, and interesting to see & hear some of the 'behind the scenes' stuff.
  5. Any chance of Nursey giving us some crimper shots?
  6. I expect to see Flash being interviewed over the next few hours!
  7. thanks for the heads up. sitting down to watch it on GOLD +1
  8. Lord Flasheart: Mind if I use your phone? If word gets out I'm missing, five hundred girls will kill themselves. And I wouldn't want them on my conscience, not when they ought to be on my *face*! Hello? Cancel the state funeral, tell the king to stop blubbing, Flash is not dead! I simply ran out of juice! And before five hundred girls all go 'oh, what's the point in living any more?' I'm talking about petrol! Woof! Send someone along to pick me up. General Melchett's driver will do, she hangs round with a big nob so she'll be used to a fellow like me. Woof!

    Captain Blackadder: Look, do you think you could make your obscene phone call somewhere else?

    Lord Flasheart: No, not in half an hour you rubber desk-johnny! Send the bitch with the wheels right now or I'll fly back home and give your wife something to hang her towels on!

    Lord Flasheart: [hangs up] Right! Let's dig out your best booze and talk about me till the car comes!

  9. Black adder goes fourth was fantastic, one of the best written and acted comedies ever.

    I don't like Tony Robinson but even he was good. Melchett was spot on, Darling superbly acted. Ben Elton is much better with a pen than he is with his mouth.

    The last episode no matter how many times you watch it always leaves you with a leakey orb and a croaky throat.

    I hope they don't make another blackadder, I don't think they could ever top that.
  10. MDN admitting to finer feelings?
    Brings a lump to my throat too.
    Loved B4, as all soldiers should do, but slightly preferred B2 simply because it had a bit more variation in scene. The one where he fell in love with his 'serving boy' was a classic.
    Could do some more one offs though.
  11. Where they are waiting in the trench to go over and Baldrick says.. Ooh there's a nasty splinter on that ladder someone could hurt himself on that.
    Always makes me laugh :D
  12. They are advertising a "Top 40 clips" show on Thursday at 21:00hrs UKTVGOLD.

    Find myself agreeing with MDN, not sure how worried I should be about this. It's a slippery slope from Blackadder to pure deviance!

  13. I remember that the last episode of Blackadder Goes Forth went out the week before Remembrance Sunday in 1989. I watched it in the NAAFI at our Depot and you could hear a pin drop in there just after the final scene - awesome stuff and it still affects me if I watch it now. It was interesting to find out that it only appeared in the format we all know (slow motion - fade to poppies) because the actors fcuked up the first take but refused to do it again because they felt it was too dangerous with all the pyro going off!

  14. I read somewhere that they had planned to make a Blackadder 5 and that the latest descendant was going to be a Conservative minister in Thatchers cabinet. But then Rik Mayall beat them to it and came up with Alan B'Stard in The New Statesman. Apparently Ben Elton asked Rik Mayall to bin his project in favour of Blackadder but he refused and they all fell out for a while .... apparently.