Black Woolly Hat?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tabman, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Good source of these?
  2. primark
  3. thinslate are sold in many shops are cheap and seem to do the job. Although they dont do a wool one they do some nitted man made thing. A woolly hat is not much good if it rains.
  4. Actually it is. Wool will keep your head warm, even if it gets wet.
  5. get a balaclava with only eye holes. can be rolled to form a hat, and if its really cold, pull it down.
  6. Actually, and just for a laugh and to shatter a myth, can you back that up with genuine proven facts, PassingBells?

  7. Did you have to get intimate with sheep to research this fact?
  8. Genuine proven facts, no. But it's a fairly well known fact, which is why people have worn it in cold places for years.

    A quick google gives this link:

    but I'm sure there are some better links out there.

  9. [​IMG]

    Nice and warm!
  10. When wool is damp evaporation of the moisture releases latent heat, resulting in an increase in temperature. That is why hardy Scots used to dunk thier tartans in the burn before bedding down for the night.
  11. Double post
  12. It was many years ago, but I remember heating a flask of water over a bunsen burner and showing that an extra burst of heat was needed to achieve boiling point. So if the heat of your head causes evaporation, you are losing the latent heat involved.

    Release of latent heat occurs on condensation, which is one of the reasons that it tends to get warmer when it rains.

    But perhaps this is a wah?
  13. Sealskinz black wool hat.......take the badge off carefully though....very warm and waterproof....
  14. Get your Gran to knit you one, mind did and still got it after 24 years! She'd dead now or I'd get her to knit you one, top quality!
  15. Have you tried Woolyhats-R-Us?