Black Watch

Anyone been to see this play? Read a couple of reviews on it this week and it had a massive thumbs up on all counts. I know that critics in the press are quite arty farty so was wondering if anyone with a squaddie perspective had seen it.
I have been trying to get rid of a ticket on a different thread (Lonely Hearts :oops: ) and so far no takers, it is for Sat 5 Jul 14h00 performance at the Barbican.

I'll give away the ticket but will gratefully accept a donation to Combat Stress (click on link in my sig block).
Yes , this is an excellent play. I hope you are not offended by swear words, because every second one is. Well worth seeing.
I had the honour of seeing it in Glasgow in April - an excellent and very moving play - which I believe has the full approval of the Black Watch (or 3 Scots as so many seem to want to break the old Scottish regiment names down to now!). Highly recommend it - it was meant to be a one-off National Theatre of Scotland play and has now toured the world twice and is about to go to America again - how they understand the accents I do not know :?

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