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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by strings, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Could someone please provide me with any information with regards to a 2756894 Pte William Easson Snaddon who served with the Black Watch from the 16/10/39 - 31/03/44 and this was followed by what is believed to be an attachment to the AAC between 01/04/44- 15/11/45 he subsequently once again served with his parent unit from 16/11/45 - 21/05/46. This information is required because William is now unfortunately deceased and his family would love to know a little more about his service during WW11.

    Many thanks

  2. You can write to the following to request former service records:

    The Army Personnel Centre
    Civil Secretariat
    Historical Disclosures, MP400
    Kentigern House
    65 Brown Street
    G2 8EX

    They will send you some paperwork to complete an information on getting the information you require.

    Also try they can tell you there how to find out what, if any, medals were issued.
  3. TFH. Many thanks you have been a great help. :D
  4. Try writing to the regimental association, likewise you may, if you haven't already, want an obituary posted in the regimental magazine
  5. The address for BW Association is;-

    Assistant Regimental Secretary,
    HHQ; The Black Watch,
    Balhousie Castle,
    Hay Street,
    PH1 5HR.

    They may have some info regarding him at HHQ / BW Museum.Also ask for your letter to be passed on to the Secretarys of the various BW Association Branches.

    For an obituary you would need to send it to The Editor,The Red Hackle Magazine , at the above address. Although this would not appear until the next editon is published in late May 07. You could also write a letter asking if any reader knew him, and have this placed in the Correspondence section of the magazine too.
  6. Dont think you have the correct unit, AOP -Air Observation Party or GPR -Glider Pilot Regiment was the designation until 01 Sept 1957 when AAC joined the line as a unit. Try contacting BW Regt Sec on 0131 310 8530 or e mail at (
    A damn fine unit that lost its identity when our political masters needed money for something else!!!!! :evil:good luck chappy.