Black Watch - the play


Black Watch, the play about the rgmt on deployment is starting at The Lowry at Salford tomorrow the 7th for a 3 day run.

its had some excellent reviews since starting at the fringe festival a few years ago, and has even had a small world tour.

has anyone seen this or can give a reccomendation on whether to go and watch the play?
tickets are only £25, is it worth the trip to go see?

went to the 2pm show yesterday,

i'm still a bit stunned by the power and emotion of the play.

guys, you have to go see this. best thing i'v seen on stage since The Woman in Black.

should be compulsary viewing for all high school kids.
Saw it at the Edinburgh Festival, fantastic stuff apart from all the dust

Got tickets for the London run in June/July at the Barbican, bought tickets for mates who would never spend so much to see 'just a play', I know they will ALL give me the full ticket price afterwards at least :)

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