Black Watch returns to Basra base

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 5, 2004.

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    Well done Guys and Girls , that'll be a hell of a Hogmany then? :D
  2. Hope so, they bloody well deserve it. Safe trip back home guys and gals.
  3. [​IMG]

    Black Watch on way home
    (Filed: 05/12/2004)

    The Black Watch rolled back into Basra yesterday after their controversial month-long mission to Camp Dogwood near Baghdad. Soldiers declared "mission accomplished" as the convoy of more than 200 vehicles reached the relative safety of Shaibah Logistics Base.

    Lt Col James Cowan

    Paying tribute to the five soldiers who died on the deployment, Lt Col James Cowan, the commanding officer, said: "The happiness of our homecoming is marked by the thought that some of us are not coming back."

    Some soldiers were distressed that it may have been their last mission, with the Black Watch expected to fall victim to a shake-up of Scottish regiments, but the minds of the returning soldiers were chiefly on getting home to see their families. L/Cpl Thomas Rennie said: "I can't wait to get back to Scotland for Christmas and New Year and Hogmanay."

    The 370-mile road journey back to Basra took 40 hours as the sprawling 10-mile convoy snaked through the desert dust, trying to avoid roadside bombs. Movements were precisely planned - including a media blackout - and there were no casualties.

    Warrior driver L/Cpl Lewis Montague, 23, from Kirkcaldy, summed up the general feeling: "It's been quite a privilege to be chosen to go up to a part of Iraq where none of the British Army has been before. It was the first time we had experience of suicide bombers, but there was never a feeling among us that this wasn't worth it. We have made a difference just being here. It's our job and we had to do it."
  4. Tommy wrote:
    Wouldn't we love to see more of that - media blackout.
  5. Amen to that.
  6. Well done The Gallant Forty Twa. Safe journey home Gentlemen.
  7. BZ to the officer's and men of the Black Watch Regiment !!
  8. Safe home to all the BW

    Not withstanding the ultimate sacrifice some members of the Regiment sadly had to make, IMHO the dogwood story has been severly overhyped by the media.

    The real shock horror story here is surely that a flight has arrived at Lyneham on time and was unloaded within minutes!!

    All those years that tens of thousands of us have spent hanging around waiting to get home, and then this happens out of the blue. Looks like someone in Crab Air has not done his job properly here then??

    <surely nothing to do with the presence of the world's media??>
  9. Or arriving back at Lyneham or Brize late, knackered, browned off and anxious to get home only to find CrabAir has managed to arrange it so there are no possible coach/rail connections back to civilisation that day/night/morning/afternoon. It's a paxmover's artform. I wish I could have back all the hours I've spent kicking my heels in Swindon-sodding-railway station. Or the money I've spent in the Queen's Arms over the road.