Black Watch Question

My grandmother (a Scot) has always told me that her father (apparently a Yorkshireman) was an RSM of the Black Watch in WW1. She says he was 6' 4", a regimental boxer & badly wounded in Mesopotamia, dying in the mid '30's.

I'm starting to try & compile a family tree & I was wondering if there were any ex Black Watch Arrsers who either recognised the description or could put me in touch with any archive etc.

Sadly she no longer knows his service number.

Any help appreciated.


I've PM'd you with an email contact addie for the Watch at Perth.

Many thanks for that. I think I've started a never ending task with this genealogy lark, but it could be fun. I've decided to start with Great Grandad as my Gran says I'm a throwback to him.

Thanks Again

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