Black Watch play wins 4 awards

Black Watch

The hard-hitting play Black Watch has scooped four Laurence Olivier awards at a ceremony on Sunday night.

The awards are handed out annually to mark the best performances in London.

Black Watch, which appeared at the Barbican last summer after a critically acclaimed tour, scooped Best New Play, Director, Sound and Choreographer.

The play, which was first created for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe three years ago, is based on the personal testimony of a group of soldiers.

It also tells the wider story of the regiment.

Since the Fringe, it has toured the world, from the US, Canada and Australia to Ireland and the UK.

But it was its London run at the Barbican which won the latest accolades - the Laurence Olivier awards.

The play has now been dropped from the National Theatre of Scotland's repertoire but it has found a new audience in Scottish schools, which have recently received educational packs containing the script and a DVD of the performance.

An exceptional production, thoroughly well deserved.
I have seen the making of this on the TV, when they had in the audiance lads from the !st of Foot.

I would love to have seen this with the original cast when it first came out, BLOODY good, well worth any and all awards


Me and an ex Black Watch pal of mine tried to go and see it on it's 3rd night of the Edinburgh festival, 3 years ago. Unfortunatly they cancelled it,and we never got it together to go and see it again (although we did manage to half inch a couple of posters).
Just as well we missed it though,we had about 5 or 6 pints before we were meant to be in. Due to the set design of the play ,once the audience have sat down they are requested not leave,and if they do have to,they are not allowed to return to their seats. I would of lasted about 10 minutes until I had to break the seal,either that or we would of p issed ourselves!
Finally got to see it on tv when it was on,and I thought it was fantastic. I've mentioned on the best war films thread that this is available on dvd.

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