Black Watch launch raid into Taliban territory

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tearsbeforebedtime, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Black Watch launch raid into Taliban territory to destroy drug and bomb factories

    Aug 10 2009

    BATTLE-HARDENED Scots soldiers teamed up with Afghan troops to smash Taliban drugs and bomb factories at the weekend.

    And a Daily Record team were the only UK journalists to join in on The Black Watch's helicopter-borne assault.

    Several terrorists were killed during the operation, in which £1million worth of opium was seized and key insurgent leaders were arrested.

    The night-time operation was designed to destroy the Taliban's foothold in the so-called Valley of Death - Sangin Valley in southern Afghanistan...

    "It proves to the Taliban beyond any doubt that they have no safe havens even in the most remote, isolated places."

    "We can hit them at will wherever and whoever they are.

    From the Daily Record.

    Well done the Jocks!
  2. Kudos to the Black Watch, but it concerns me that we had to use US Chinooks.

    I was under the impression, listening to Brown, Milliband et al, that we had enough of our own
  3. When someone offers you a lift in a chopper you don't decline ;)
  4. Well done the Jocks and the local taxi service
  5. wonder if the taxi service turned up an hour late, went to the wrong location then tried to charge them 100 quid. Most foreign taxi drivers up here in jockland try that once ... the broken nose usually prevents a second attempt.
  6. Aren't Chinooks a septic invention anyway?...

    I digress.

    Well done the sheep shaagers!!!

    If anything will scare the Taliban it's them boys.

    Sheep are way tougher than the Talib, only country folk will understand.


    Before the abuse floods in from the sheep shaa.. Black Watch, for years I gave my cousin pelters for serving with them.

    Throwing sheep away over your shouder when finished with them may not be socially acceptable, but his pals tell me it had an effect on an ASU and he was MiD in 83.

    God help the Taliban. :D
  7. Ginger Prince, are you there, are you, are you?

    Lucky ginger bastard youse
  8. Best of luck to them. Hope they all make it back in one piece.
  9. With regards the Chinooks, i'm just honoured the MOD chose to name them after my princess. Whenever one is around she goes crazy, barking at the sky.

    Hence, Chinook. Note the ears that rotate in opposite directions.


    Sorry!! Off thread but we WERE talking about Chinooks.

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