Black Watch killer SNCO almost escapes after guilty verdict

Bloody hell!

A soldier who was just 15 when a waiter was "assassinated" in an Orkney restaurant in 1994 fled after being found guilty of the murder.

Sgt Michael Ross, 29, who became a Black Watch sniper, had denied shooting 26-year-old Shamsuddin Mahmood.

As he was being led away at the High Court in Glasgow, Ross jumped out of the dock and managed to escape. He was caught by a court official and police.

The jury found Ross, now of Inverness, guilty after a six-week trial.

He now faces a life sentence, and will be sentenced next month.

After the majority verdict, Ross ran from the courtroom through a side door used only by court personnel, pursued by police.

He was stopped by escaping further by court official Gordon Morison who grabbed Ross and held onto him until police arrived seconds later, handcuffed him and took him down to the cells.

Judge's praise

Mr Morison is thought to have suffered carpet burns to his face, but was otherwise unhurt.

He was later taken to trial judge Lord Hardie's chambers, where he was praised.

Lord Hardie told first offender Ross: "In view of the verdict of the jury and the fact you have no previous convictions, I require a social inquiry report before sentencing you."

Mr Mahmood, born in Bangladesh, was shot in the head in Kirkwall's Mumutaz restaurant in full view of a room full of diners, including families with children, by a masked gunman in June, 1994.

The killing sparked one of Northern Constabulary's biggest ever investigations.

Ross's father - police officer Eddie Ross who was called to the scene of the shooting - was later jailed for four years for trying to defeat the ends of justice.

The charge was that he withheld information from investigating officers over ammunition he found in his own home. It resembled the cartridge used to kill the waiter.

The murder remained unsolved, but a breakthrough in the case came when new witness Willie Grant came forward.

BBC reporter describes scenes of drama as Ross tried to escape

He claimed he saw who he believed may have been Michael Ross coming out of a cubicle in public toilets on the night of the shooting.

He said the person he saw had a gun and was wearing a balaclava or ski mask.

Prosecutor Brian McConnachie QC claimed during the trial that all the circumstantial evidence proved Ross's guilt.

However, defence counsel Donald Findlay QC asked the jury if a boy of 15 could have committed such a calm and professional killing.

The court heard that Ross had later been praised for his bravery while serving in Iraq.

'Cowardly act'

Area procurator fiscal for the Highland and Islands, Andrew Laing, said: "This was a callous murder of an innocent young man who was well-known and liked within the town.

"This cowardly act shocked not only the local community but people throughout Scotland.

"My thoughts remain with Shamsuddin's family, who I know, since 1994, have been keen to see the perpetrator of this terrible crime brought to justice."

He added: "Prosecutors and officers from Northern Constabulary were determined that justice would be done in this case. Many people have worked on this investigation over the years and all will be satisfied with today's outcome.

"It is also appropriate to highlight the crucial part played by members of the public in Kirkwall and elsewhere who acted in great public spirit to assist the police and the court in coming forward and providing vital information."
What a sad waste ...... of a talented SNCO.
PoisonDwarf said:
Mr Morison is thought to have suffered carpet burns to his face, but was otherwise unhurt.

He was later taken to trial judge Lord Hardie's chambers, where he was praised.
"Praised"? Is that a euphemism for some sort of obscene sex act? And carpet burns? Definitely George Medal material there! Well done Mr Morison.
I've just heard about this on the Radio 2 news: racist teenage killer, joins Army, turns sniper - goes to Iraq - I bet he was suspiciously happy in his work there - no wonder he got decorated.

You couldn't make this stuff up.
I wonder when his book is coming out? At least it will be a change from the usual SAS Porn!

Seriously, what a fcuking idiot. I particularly liked the comment in the Daily Hate: "...his Army career is ALMOST CERTAINLY over." I know we're overstretched, but I really can't see us raising Penal Battalions anytime soon!
Apart from certain infantry Bns from the NW of England that is.
My mistake, they of course, are still getting away with it.

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