Black Watch in Camp Dogwood?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 0311Matt, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. Any members here served with the Black Watch in the Camp Dogwood AOR?

    I'm a US Marine that served in the same AO (Dogwood, Yusifiyah and Mahmudiyah) and am interested in swapping any stories


  2. Be carefull round here Matt.These guys love to chew Americans for breakfast and sip their blood for hydration:)
  3. Yes mate i was B SQN Queens Dragoon Guards at camp Dogwood , i did 5 weeks there . We had one failed suicide bomber, one ied attack(3x155mm shells ) and numerous mortar attacks , with out being the '' big timer'' here can i help with your questions ?
  4. If any body has a go at the US MARINES on arrse they can **** right off . They are a fine fighting force and it was a pleasure to serve with them in contact . If such a thing is possible .
  5. You might want to go through this thread then.Cheers!!
  6. Recce Cpl.

    I was an LAV-25 gunner with 4th Light Armored Reconnaisance Battalion operating out of Dogwood in the area during the summer of 2003. It was a rough neighbourhood back then, but by all accounts it had gotten alot worse by the time you guys were there and it's gotten worse still.

    We had an TOW version of the LAV attached to my platoon get hit by an RPG during a night ambush approx. a km just off of Rt. Sue, the main road that ran between Dogwood over the Euphrates bridge up to Hwy 1 just north of Mahmudiyah. Luckily, the RPG detonated prematurely on some kit strapped to the outside of the vehicle, but unfortunately the blast launched the TOW gunner out of the vehicle with a broken femur, but his buttocks and hamstrings took alot of shrapnel and he was bleeding out very badly. Had that field hospital not been setup at Dogwood, about 10 minutes down the road, he probably wouldn't have survived.

    I'd heard about the losses that you guys took during your time working out of Dowood and I pass my condolences to the brothers-in-arms of the fallen as well as their families.

    Were you guys in the QDG using Sabres or Warriors?
    Also, while you were at Dogwood, did you ever get to the top of that big multi-story abandoned chemical refining tower that was near the back of the Camp? From the top of that thing there was one hell of a view.

    Red Shrek: War is hell, sh*t happens...have you done any time on Op Telic?
  7. Ref the towers at the back of Dogwood , well as you know the place was pretty big so nobody i knew went any where near there , our Battle group stayed close together at the bottom corner where there were a a few underground bunkers . I always used the big tower as a Navigation reference as one of our entrances to dogwood was about 2 ks south west of it . I flew out to Dogwood via the US Marine camp KALSU within a few days of passing my crew commanders course right into the action , my heart would all most stop when my Scimitar went over the berm out on patrol as the insurgents several times placed IED'S at our routes out .
    One of my close calls was on a simple patrol , as i had just come off course i didnt lead the troop for a week or so (troop cpl always leads the troop on vehical patrols) so a ssgt who was filling for some one led , well the troop leader told me at the o group to lead , this ssgt didnt hear this , so we mounted up and he shot off out of Dogwood , it was no drama so i slotted in at 3rd behind the troop boss in front tp sgt . Well about 30 mins in the patrol (north west tip of dogwood) lead vehical exploded, he had hit 3x155mm daisy chain IED the scimitar was a complete wreck however all crew got out with just cuts etc . Rest of the troop went in to action contact report etc etc my vehicle went firm putting in an ''agressive cordon '' north of the incident then we got mortered. It landed about 15 ms from me . Anyway no body was hurt that day and if that ssgt had listed at the O group it would of been me going up . I know the US MARINES had a hard time out there as well , on this website you got lots of people who just slagoff you yanks , there tours consist of staying in Shaiba log base near Basra . But you also get some good lads pn here as well , ignore the shit posts from the ******* .
  8. Before you cosy up to this guy, I suggest you ensure his story checks out fully; If you are going to discuss anything controversial during these stories use e-mail. A journalist is only a log-in away...
  9. I'll check his credentials...
    Who was the Marine officer that led the 8 marines 12 sailors and dozens of indigs to the shores of tripoli?
    who was Smedley Butler? What is the WM recruit Bn at PI? What makes the grass grow?Who won the world series in 1988?

    Crap , what if I am a reporter?
  10. Well if 0311 is a reporter, which I doubt, he'd soon be nailed by the other USMC types here, as well as all the other US airborne and one or 2 darker types knocking about the place.

    Post away Matt, oh . and if you have pictures, post them too :D
  11. Question 1: Lt. Presley O'Bannon
    Question 2: One of only two Marines ever to win 2 Medals of Honor (US equivalent to the the Victoria Cross), the other Marine was Dan Daley
    Question 3: 4th Recruit Training Battalion
    Question 4: Blood
    Question 5: I don't give a crap. Baseball is a lame sport.
  12. he ain't a journo.....