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Black Watch headquarters to remain open

Good news for those looking to preserve the 'golden threads'

There were celebrations in Perth today after it was announced the regimental headquarters of the world-famous Black Watch regiment is to remain open, writes Dave Lord. The highly controversial decision to create one “super regiment” for the whole of Scotland had led to fears over the future viability of the historic Black Watch HQ at Balhousie Castle.

However, the Ministry of Defence has insisted the building — which includes the regimental museum — will remain open.

A Regimental Head Quarters (RHQ) for the newly-formed Royal Regiment of Scotland will open at Edinburgh Castle but, contrary to some fears, the move will not spell the end for individual bases, made famous over hundreds of years.

“Following a nationwide review . . . it was determined that the network of existing headquarters which formally supported The Royal Scots, The Kings Own Scottish Borderers, The Royal Highland Fusiliers, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, The Black Watch and The Highlanders will be retained,” an MoD spokesman confirmed.

“These headquarters will be designated home headquarters.”

It is understood that the home HQs will continue to provide support to the local communities throughout traditional recruiting areas — Tayside and Fife in the case of The Black Watch.
Evenging Telegraph
Very pleased we paid the Black Watch museum a visit last summer Very enjoyable gets quite a lot of tourists no admission but you can leave a donation glad it will still be there.

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